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Other Casts

Yi Lin

The youngest nun in Hengshan Sect. Daughter of Monk Bujie and Mute Granny. An innocent and kind hearted nun. Plays quite an important role for it is she who first introduces the main character Linghu Chong, through the relating of the Tian Boguang incident in the novel. After being rescued by Linghu Chong from the clutches of Tian Boguang, she gradually develops feelings for LHC. However, she has to restrain her emotions coz she is a nun and nuns are supposed to rid themselves of worldly desires. Nonetheless, she still continues to care for and helps him even though she knows there is definitely no ending for them. In the end, she becomes the leader of Hengshan Sect.

"Yi Lin - a selfless and thoughtful nun"

Among other Yilin(s) we've ever seen, she has the most perfect appearance! Yi Lin is suppose to be stunningly beautiful, one will remotely notice her when she walks into the room, and will ask themselves, "Why does she ever wants to be a nun, with a pretty face like that?". That is the exact same question you're gonna ask yourselves, when you see Chen Lifeng's Yi Lin. She will really catch your attention, with that beautiful face yet a bald head ^_^ While, the other Yi Lin(s) I've seen don't have enough pretty face to catch people's attention, not to mention none of the actresses ever really sacrifice their hair to be totally shaved ^_~

Actor's Profile

Name: Chen Lifeng
Place of Birth: Wenzhou
Height: 165 cm

Brief Biography:
1996 - Graduated from Zhejiang Arts School (zhejiang yi xiao)
1997 - Debut serial is San Fang Qi Xiang
1998 - Acted as Cui Yingying in the show Hong Niang.

Yue Buqun

The leader of Huashan Sect, the descendant of the qi faction. Widely known as 'jun zi jian' (The Gentleman Sword) because of his magnanimity and admirable character. Quite highly skilled with Zi Xia Shengong. The person that Linghu Chong respects the most too. Nonetheless, behind this gentleman's face is a hidden mask. He has been scheming to dominate the pugislistic world and all along, he has been putting on an act. All, if not most are deceived by him. A hypocriteindeed. Finally, he achieves his aim but at a great expense. He masters the invincible Pi Xie Swordplay, kills Zuo Lengchan and becomes the leader of Wu Yue Jian Pai (The 5 Sects). Nonetheless, his reign is short-lived.

"Yue Buqun - a deep villian, a wolf in sheep's clothing"

Confidentally we say, he is perfect as Yue Buqun! First, a great decision the producer have made to cast Wei Zi as Yue Buqun because of the perfect appearance. Yes, in the book, Yue Buqun is suppose to be somewhat 60 or in his late 50s. But, read the book carefully again. When Lin Pingzhi first see him, he is stunned, because despite his 60 years of age, his appearance is totally off, he looks like in his early 40s. That's why we confidentally say, so far...Wei Zi has the most perfect appearance, coz he really looks like in his 40s. While, the other Yue Buqun(s) looks really in their 50-60s^^
In the book, it is mentioned that his way in fighting truly shows his characteristic which suits his nickname, 'Gentleman Sword'. He fights in a very relaxed and graceful way. He behaves like a polite, graceful and elegant gentleman. Even when he is in a fight with someone, he didnít show any trace of violent brutality. And, that's exactly how Wei Zi act during the fight scenes.

Actor's Profile

Name: Wei Zi

Brief Biography:
- Won a number of awards. An A-class actor in China
- In the year, acted in the shows. Jiang Zu Ying and Tian Guo Ni Zi.
- Most famous role is his portrayal of a soldier.

Zuo Leng Chan

Actor : Tu Men
The head of Songshan Sect and also the overall leader of the Five Ranger Sects (wu yue jian pai). An ambitious guy who from time to time, aspires to be the dominant power. His forte is the swift and powerful Heavenly Cold Ice Palm (han bing shen zhang). Always scheming to get the leaders of the 5 sects to assent to the merger. Also, he frequently attempts to create havoc in the pugilistic world whenever he thinks its too peaceful for his liking. But never did he expect that in the end his nemesis would be Yue Buqun who later defeats and even blinds him.

"Zuo Lengchan - an assertive and self-centred fogey"

Ning Zhongze(Mrs. Yue)

Actress : Liu Dong

She was described as a 'middle aged-pretty lady' in the book, judge her appearance yourself ^_^




Tian Bo Guang

Actor : Sun Haiying

Totally off!! He's too skinny, too old and doesn't look like a martial arts expert at all!>_< Doesn't look like a man of his word, either. Suits as the 'criminal', but that's it...




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