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Other Casts

Ding Yi

Actress : Li Qinqin




Dungfang Bubai

Actress : Mao Weitao
Chief of the Sun Moon Sect. The mere mention of his name makes people scared. The owner of the invincible Kuihua Baodian. Originally, the zuo hu fa (literally translated: The Left Protector) in the sect. However, later, he usurps power by imprisoning Ren Woxing, the original chief in the underground dungeons for 12 years. An ambitious person, nonetheless, he becomes more and more feminine after mastering Kuihua Baodian. He has a pretty weird train of thoughts. In fact, he treats himself as a female and is even infatuated with his/her subordinate, Yang Lianting. He stops managing the sect and just leaves everything to Yang Lianting.

"Dungfang Bubai - an unfathomable transversite"

The actress is a famous opera singer. She has the right looks to be Dungfang Bubai. Because, she neither looks gross, nor look like (obviously) a woman. She only appear in 2 episodes, so nothing much to say about her...however she did a great job in those 2 episodes! Her acting and her voice is belivable that she could be a man.

Ren Woxing

The ex-chief and also founder of Sun Moon Sect, father of Ren Yingying. However, he never expects that Dungfang Bubai would betray him and thus without caution, he is imprisoned by him in the underground dungeons of Mei Manor for 12 years before he is rescued by Xiang Wentian. Masters the formidable Xixin Da Fa(The Absorbing Skill). After out of the dungeons, never for a minute did he forget about seizing his position back. Soon after, with his own capability and the help of others, he manages to get back what is originally his. At the same time, he becomes more ruthless and ambitious. Likes people to fawn on him.

"Ren Woxing - a crafty old fox"

Dissapointing! He dont impress us as THE Ren Woxing. All he does is laughing like, every 5 minutes, with that stupid 'hahaha'. A dissapointment for such a great book character.

Actor's Profile

Name: Lu Xiaohe

1985 - Won the Best Actor at the 5th China Film Awards and also at the 8th movie(Hundred Flowers) awards ceremony. Based on the character Liang Sanxi in the movie, Gao Shan Xia De Hua Huan.

? - Qin Nian Yi Dai
? - Qian Wan Bu Yao Wan JI
? - Nan Hai Chang Cheng
? - Bing Lin Cheng ?
? - Ni Hong Deng Xia De Shao Bing

Feng Qing Yang

Actor : Yu Chenghui




Qu Yang

Actor : Cong Zhijun
An elder of the Sun Moon Sect. He and Liu Zhengfeng of Hengshan sect are the best of friends, despite the fact that both sects oppose each other. Both are really fond of music. Together they composed and created the song, Xiao Ao Jiang Hu. Unfortunately, Qu Yang only made a quick appearance in the story. He commited suicide later together with Liu Zhengfeng, after he handed over the music score to Linghu Chong and asked him to pass it to a person who is versed in music in future.

"Qu Yang - a true-hearted friend and dedicated music lover"

In the book, he only appeared in the end of chapter 6 and died in the middle of chapter 7. In this adaptation, he appeared in the very beginning of episode 1, and constantly chased by Sun Moon Sect people and the Holy Maiden. In terms of appearance, he looks extremely old!O_O But, it was never mentioned in the book, how old he's suppose to, it should be ok.

Liu Zheng Feng

Actor : Xiu Zongdi
The second best in Hengshan Sect after Mo Da(Great Mr. Mo). He make friends with Qu Yang of the Sun Moon Sect, and that's exactly the reason of his Gold Basin Hand-Washing ceremony in the first place. He doesn't want to get involved if a big fight ever occur between the Demon Cult and the Righteous Sects. He loves music more than anything in this world. He holds a strong friendship with Qu Yang. Very strong, 'till he rather have his family slaughtered than to kill Qu Yang by himself. He later commited suicide not long after he played Xiao Ao Jiang Hu for the last time together with Qu Yang.

"Liu Zhengfeng - an upright puglistic member who values friendship very much and has a keen affection for music too"

I can say perfect, coz LZF described as an old fat man in the book, which perfectly suits the actor's appearance^^

Yu Canghai

Leader of Qingcheng Sect in Sichuan. Is responsible for the tragic plight of the Lins in Fujian. This is to take revenge for his son who has been accidentally killed by Lin Pingzhi at the inn-hut. Nonetheless, he has always bore a grudge against the Lins because his ancestor Chang Qing Zi was defeated by Lin Yuantu, the ancestor of the Lins. Thus, he wants to take revenge and moreover, he also harbours evil designs on Pi Xie Swordplay Manual. In the end, he dies at the hands of Lin Pingzhi.

"Yu Canghai - a narrow-minded and despicable fellow"

Actor's Profile

Name: Peng Denghuai
Year of Birth: 1946
Place of Birth: Sichuan

- Created a record of changing 14 faces in 25 secs. And this was recorded in the World Guiness Book.

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