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Episode 1

A middle-aged, bearded guy is travelling on a horse in the forest. At this moment, many Sun Moon Sect members come dashing into the thick forest, awaiting in ambush, preying on an old guy who is having a non-chalant time, drinking and playing the qin, up on a tree. The middle-aged guy is attracted by his music. They both hit if off quite well, as they have similar interests.

Suddenly, all the men in ambush spring up, wanting to capture the old guy. They say it was the orders of the Holy Maiden. This old man is actually the Elder of Sun Moon Sect, Qu Yang. Upon seeing him in imminent danger, the middle-aged guy goes all out to fight the enemies, displaying his skills, which is at once recognized by Qu Yang as Huashan Skills. So this middle-aged guy is the eldest disciple of Huashan Sect, Linghu Chong in disguise. They both fend off the evil sect members in a ferocious fight. Then at the moment, Linghu Chong holds his sword at Qu Yang, as he is a member of the evil sect which is supposedly ortrasized by the righteous sects of the pugislistic world.

Gallopings of horses can be heard. A young, fine looking man come hunting in the forest with a horde of subordinates. Linghu Chong then asks Qu Yang, "Is he part of the evil sect too?" Qu Yang smiles and answers, "He is called Lin Pingzhi, the Young Master of Fuwei Escort Agency."

Lin Pingzhi takes a rest in a nearby hut-inn. Shortly after, 4 people come in, speaking in strong Sichuan accent. They try to take liberties with the waitress, a slim but scarred faced lady. Lin Pingzhi is digusted by their actions and openly critisizes them. Lin Pingzhi's subordinate is defeated by them and Lin Pingzhi himself is no match for them either. He is held by one of the guys. The scarred-faced girl then asks Linghu Chong to save him. Linghu Chong throws a plate at the the baddie to distract him. In the flash of the lightning, Lin Pingzhi immediately plunges a knife into him, killing him instantly. All are shocked by this sudden happening.

Lin Pingzhi's subordinates quickly bury the body and giving taels to Linghu Chong and the waitress to seal their mouths.

At the Fuwei Escort Agency in Fujian, Lin Pingzhi's father, Lin Zhennan, reveals that Qingcheng Sect has sent 4 people to Fujian to pay a visit to them, thus it is highly possible that the Lins can open a branch in Sichuan soon. As they are having their meal, 2 of the seniors of Fuwei have been killed. In the night, another series of murders take place. 3 out of the 4 who accompanied Lin Pingzhi to hunt have died. Lin Pingzhi know it has something to do with the killing of the man at the inn and blurts it out. Lin Zhennan deduces that the man is the son of Yu Canghai, leader of the Qingcheng Sect. He has come to take revenge.

The next day, more members are killed, without a trace of injury on their bodies. There are even words written in blood on the ground, "Those who walk 10 steps will die". That night, Lin Zhennan opens up their bodies and conclude that they were all killed by Yu Canghai's "Cui Xin Zang". They go back to the spot where Lin Pingzhi has buried the body and to their shock, the body is missing and in place of it, is the body of the 4th man who accompanied Lin Pingzhi.

Knowing that they are no match for them, Lin Zhennan and family decide to escape in disguise. They set off in different groups, hoping to confuse the enemies. However, Yu Canghai still manages to see through their scheme.

On the other hand, Linghu Chong and the scarred-faced girl, teasing each other on the way, decide to give the Lins a helping hand. They wait at another hut-inn, posing as father and daughter. Lin Pingzhi and family are pursued by the Qingcheng members all the way to the inn. They have a fight with them but are soon captured by them. Linghu Chong instructs the girl who addresses him as 'Da-shi-xiong' to go to the room(where the Lins are locked up) to rescue them while he will deal with those outside.


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