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Episode 10

Back in the cave, Feng Qingyang comments that Linghu Chong has an aptitude for martial arts, however under the tutelage of the hypocrite Yue Buqun, his potential is not developed to the fullest. LHC is displeased that he is saying bad things about his shifu and initially, he even refuses to learn from FQY though he respects him a lot too. However, later, FQY teaches him 3 strokes of Dugu Swordplay in one night. As a result, he is able to defeat Tian Boguang the following day. TBQ concedes defeat but is amazed by the vast improvement in his skills. LHC is grateful to FQY. However, FQY comments that LHC's skills are still a distance away from superior. He admires LHC's character and also feeling there should be a successor to the formidable Dugu Swordplay, begins to impart the whole of this skill to LHC. Dugu Swordplay is a skill that has been invented by Dugu Qiubai.

On the other hand over at Huashan Sect, there is imminent danger. Lu Bai of Songshan Sect, the 2 elders of the jian faction and Taishan Sect have all arrived. Together, they demand YBQ to give up his position. YBQ tries to reason with them in a polite manner but to no avail. Ning Zhongzhe is apparently furious with them for being unreasonable and wants to fight it out with them but is stopped by YBQ. Liu Hou has gone to inform LHC of this matter and LHC immediately dashes down. However, on the way down, six imps, known as Tao Gu 6 Xian stop him. He feigns unconsciousness and then tricks them into going with him.

Upon arrival at the main hall at Huashan, LHC teases Feng Buping, FBP then demands a fight however, and LHC chooses only a broom as a weapon. Despite with just a broom in hand, LHC 's movements are swift. They have a long fight. Everyone is watching intensely. In the end, FBP loses the duel. LHC lets him off. However unexpectedly, FBP sneak attacks him. There is no chance for LHC to retaliate, as a result, he suffers a heavy blow and is seriously injured. Tao Gu 6 Xian , who have been watching the fight, dash out. They capture FBP and in just a few minutes, tear him to pieces. This gruesome scene shocks all. Cheng Buyou wants to take revenge for FBP. YBQ says FBQ deserves it for being such a sore loser in the first place. Lu Bai feels its better if they retreat now.

In the midst of the confusion, LHC is taken away by Tao Gu 6 Xian for treatment. They then transfer channels of energy into LHC's body, thinking that he could be saved in this way. As a result, there are now 6 paths of energy flowing in his body. Meanwhile, all the Huashan members are busy looking for LHC. YBQ and NZZ are wondering what is the main purpose of the 6 imps in taking LHC away. At the same time, they are amazed that LHC's skills have reached another higher level again.

Tao Gu 6 Xian brings the unconscious LHC back to Huashan. Thinking that they harbour bad intentions, NZZ attacks and injures one of them. Meanwhile at Hengshan, Yi Lin has been thinking of LHC all the while.



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