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Episode 11

Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongzhe are tending to LHC's injuries and are worried about him. YBQ says that LHC has been too rash and inquires about where he has learnt the skills. LHC, having to keep his promise to FQY, merely replies, " Didn't learn." YBQ knows that he has not spoken the truth. There are 6 channels of powerful energies flowing in LHC's body and YBQ reckons that the only way to sustain his life now is to use Zixia Shengong to treat him. However, LHC does not want YBQ to exhaust his inner power but YBQ insists. At this moment, Lao Denuo comes to report that Songshan, Taishan members and Cheng Buyou still have not left Huashan. As now is a critical moment for Huashan, LHC insists that there is really no need to treat his injuries.

CBY is mourning the death of Feng Buping and vows to kill YBQ. Lu Bai suspects that YBQ may have connections with the evil cult and feels the main priority is to return to Songshan to await further instructions from Zuo Lengchan but CBY is still bent on revenge and decides to stay back on his own.

Meanwhile, LHC is in great agony. He asks to see Lin Pingzhi and tells him the message that his late father had for him that is, to look for the ancestor's belongings at Xiangyang Lane in Fujian. But he is not to read it. LPZ is puzzled. LHC also tells him to take good care of Yue Lingshan. With that, his injuries suddenly act up again. YLS immediately dashes in, crying. Actually, she has been outside all along. LHC wants wine to lessen the pain.

YBQ decides that its better that all the members leave Huashan and set off for Songshan Sect as they are now in a precarious position. However, its dangerous for LHC to leave with them as the long journey might aggravate his already severe injuries. Liu Hou is to stay behind to look after him.

Huashan members blame LPZ for the mass departure as nothing good has happened since he came. LPZ overhears their conversations and is upset. YBQ and the rest finally set off, however, upon arrival just at the foot of Huashan, they meet CBY who has been waiting there all along. CBY says if YBQ loses to him, members of the qi faction are never to step on Huashan again. They have a tough duel and YBQ is clearly on the winning side.

Meanwhile, YLS has secretly stolen the Zixia Shengong Manual and passes it to LHC. Liu Hou is glad that there is hope to treat LHC now however, LHC says he will not defy his shifu and do anything that is against the sect. Liu Hou reads out the wordings in the manual, but LHC refuses to listen. Left with no choice, he blocks his acupoint and places the manual on the bed. With that, he leaves.

CBY is no match for YBQ. YBQ lets him off and warns him that ZLC is just making use of him. Realizing that YLS is missing, YBQ and LPZ turn back to search for her. LHC, who has left Huashan, accidentally falls down a slope and there he meets Tian Boguang who is also seriously injured. They are in the same pathetic plight as both are dying. Just then, Yi Lin and her father, known as Monk Bujie arrive. Seeing the his daughter is so anxious, Monk Bujie helps in treating his injuries and is amazed that there are 6 paths of energies flowing in his body. He is totally exhausted after transferring 2 flows of energies to control them.


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