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Episode 12

Tian Boguang then asks for the antidote from Monk Bujie. He is the one who has caused his injuries. Linghu Chong is grateful to Tian Boguang and as a friend, he advises him to turn over a new leaf. TBQ agrees and they put their hands together as a promise. At this moment, Yue Buqun, Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi arrive. YBQ is unhappy with LHC for being on such good terms with a rapist and orders him to kill TBQ. LHC is unable to do and instead, he stabs himself. Yi Lin immediately dashes over to tend to his injury. YBQ then throws a sword over to kill TBQ but Monk Bujie manages to stop this blow with just a shoe.

Monk Bujie teases YL about her relationship with LHC and even addresses him as his son-on-law. LHC, worried that YLS will get the wrong idea, tries to defend himself. Meanwhile, YL, who is embarrassed by her father's actions, runs away. LHC, YBQ, YLS and LPZ then go back to Huashan to look for Zixia Shengong Manual. To their shock, Liu Hou is dead and the manual is missing. LHC thinks that he is the one who has caused his death. Feeling guilty, he then tries to kill himself but is stopped by YBQ. YBQ seems to suspect him of having something to do with the missing manual. LHC then swears, " If there is anyone who has read Zixia Shengong Manual, I will kill him. Be it ten or even hundred."

Over at Songshan, Zuo Lengchan and Lu Bai are trying to think of a way to harm Huashan again. They know that they have to be on the watch for YBQ for he is a deep one. On the other hand, Huashan members have sought refuge at a run-down temple. Nonetheless, LHC merely remains outside. It is raining heavily. Suddenly, galloping of horses can be heard. A group of masked men come. They demand to see the Pi Xie Swordplay Manual, which has been rumoured to fall into YBQ's hands. LHC, displeased with them for not showing respect to his shifu, tries to fight but is defeated just with 1 blow. Soon after, another group led by LB and Cheng Buyou also arrives. A fight then occurs between Huashan and the masked men. After a long time, all Huashan members, with the exception of YBQ, are captured. YBQ then shows his prowess of the Zixia Shengong. He manages to hold on but is soon defeated as he is outnumbered. Meanwhile, LHC, who has been lying on the ground, miraculously regains his strength. With swift strokes of Dugu Swordplay, he kills many of them and even defeats CBQ. All are shocked by his martial arts. CBY concedes defeat and remarks with LHC's perfect swordplay; he should be leader of Huashan instead. The masked men also agree.

CBQ, LB and their followers leave. The 15 masked men then fight it out with LHC. In just a moment, LHC blinds all of them with a stroke. YBQ then instructs LHC to destroy their limb veins. LHC wants to but all a sudden he faints. As a result, the masked men escape. The following day, YBQ is a bit displeased with LHC as he thinks he purposely lets them go. LHC finds it difficult to explain. Others, with the exception of Ning Zhongzhe, ignore him.

YBQ thinks it is pointless to go to Songshan anymore. Going back to Huashan isn't a feasible idea either. LPZ then suggests going to his grandpa, nicknamed "Jin Dao Wu Di" (The Invincible Golden Sabre), Wang Yuanba's house in Luoyang.



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