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Episode 13

Yue Lingshan wants Linghu Chong to try on new clothes to look more presentable but LHC thinks that going to Wang Yuanba's place is nothing to be excited of. YLS is displeased. At WYB's residence, Yue Buqun and others are given a warm welcome. Huashan members all pay respect to WYB. However, only LHC does not deign to do it. At the welcome feast prepared by the Wangs, people praise YLS and Lin Pingzhi for being a perfect pair. LHC then indulges himself in wine. Because of his don't care attitude, he has offended the 2 young masters of the Wangs. Seeing that LHC is making a scene of himself, YBQ apologizes for his misbehavior and LPZ then drags the drunken LHC away.

Afterwards, YBQ and WYB begin to discuss the current situation of the pugilistic world; members of the evil sect have appeared in the vicinity, enemies are eyeing the Pi Xie Swordplay Manual, the insistence of a merger by Zuo Lengchan. ZLC is difficult to deal with for he has mastered "Han Bin Zhen Qi".

Meanwhile at a hut, Xiang Wentian goes to report to the Holy Maiden that Yang Lianting wants her to go back to Hei Mu Ya (Black Wood Cliff). Both of them have been searching for the Holy Maiden's father for 12 years but no results yet. Moreover, things are getting bad at Black Wood Cliff for YLT has taken charge and Dongfang Bubai is practising Kuihua Baodian. The Holy Maiden wishes to get back the music score penned by Qu Yang, who has taught her music.

In the middle of the night, YLS tells Ning Zhongzhe, regarding her suspicious of LHC. This is overheard by LHC who is upset. Later, he is even more depressed when he learns that YBQ has instructed fellow disciples to keep an eye on him. In a bad mood, LHC then drowns himself in sorrow. Suddenly, the Holy Maiden appears and demands the music score. LHC refuses and they spar. LHC asks why is she always following him and even suspects her of stealing the Zixia Shengong Manual. An innkeeper happens to pass by and shouts. However, when YBQ and others arrive, only LHC is there. The Holy Maiden is gone.

Feeling extremely upset that fellow members distrust him, he goes gambling and ends up having no money to pay. As a result, those ruffians beat him up. He didn't bother to retaliate. Later, the 2 masters come and save him. Nonetheless, they jeer and laugh at him. YBQ and NZZ are upset with LHC. LHC apologizes for his actions and gives back the dagger (given to him by YLS) to NZZ, saying that he does not deserve it anymore. NZZ asks him to take back.

WYB and the 2 masters make inquires from LPZ regarding the Pi Xie Swordplay Manual. LPZ reveals his father' last words. WYB suspects that LHC has something to do with the manual, or else how could he defeat the highly skilled masked men outside the temple? At night, the 2 masters enter LHC's room and interrogate him.



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