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Episode 14

The 2 masters, thinking that the book in Linghu Chong's hands is Pi Xie Swordplay Manual, brings him to see Wang Yuanba, Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongzhe in the main hall, by force. LHC feeling indignant of being wrongly accused shouts, " The Wang family in Luoyang. Despicable!" A series of interrogations then starts. LHC says the book is actually a music score but they are skeptical about it. NZZ feels that it is imperative they should get to the bottom of the matter as this concerns the reputation of Huashan. In order to ascertain the credibility of LHC's words, an expert in music in the residence suggests approaching Lu Zu Wen (The Green Bamboo Man) as he himself, is also unsure whether it's a manual or score. On the surface, it seems like a score but then there might be strokes hidden in it. Who knows?

As LZW has a weird character, he refuses to attend to them. The expert then hands over the book to him. LZW, upon seeing that it is a complicated book, then passes it to his "Gu gu (Aunt) for a look. Soon after, the most beautiful music could be heard. NZZ, LHC and the rest are impressed. As it has been confirmed that it is a music score, WYB personally apologizes to LHC. With that, they leave. LHC requests to hear the music one more time. He enters the Bamboo Hut and expresses his respect for her. He addresses her as po po (Grandma). He then reveals to her that this score is called Xiao Ao Jiang Hu and the composers are Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng, his problems, how he is wronged, so on and so forth. Po po consoles him. LHC has a favour to ask of her that is to keep the score. For she is one who can appreciate and has the ability to play the music. LZW could tell LHC has difficulty in breathing but he is adamant in leaving.

YBQ tells NZZ that with all the happenings, it is not that he don't want to believe LHC. It's that he dare not believe him. Feeling refreshed the next day, LHC goes out and he meets LZW who brings him to the Bamboo Hut. Po po feels his pulse and deduces that he is suffering from severe inner injuries. LHC cautions her to be wary of the Holy Maiden whom has designs on the score. He even suspects her of stealing the Zixia Shengong Manual. Later in the forest, he meets the Holy Maiden and they have a fight again. He manages to injure her but all of a sudden, he faints.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in the Bamboo Hut……




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