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Episode 15

Linghu Chong blames himself for falling asleep and not paying attention to the tune Po-po is playing. Lu Zu Wen then tells him that the tune played, which is called, 'Qing Xin Pu Shan Zhou' has the effect of making people sleepy. He asks LHC to breathe in and indeed, LHC do feel better. In Lu Zu Wen's view, it would be a lifelong benefit to LHC if he can beseech Po-po to teach him. Meanwhile, the Wangs are planning to throw a birthday banquet for Yue Lingshan.

LHC goes to the Bamboo Hut often, playing the qin and learning bamboo skills from LZW. LHC is bewildered as to why po-po sings like a young lady. Po-po smiles and replies that its because she feels and thinks young. Knowing that YLS's birthday is coming soon, LHC decides to learn a tune for her as a birthday gift. The Holy Maiden is at first glad at his enthusiasm of learning, however, when she hears it's for his xiao shimei, her face changes. Turning away, she then instructs LZW to teach LHC any tune he wants. LHC is puzzled by her attitude.

LHC plays the tune to YLS one night. At first, YLS is overjoyed and is engrossed, however as the tune goes on, tears begin to fall and she angrily scolds LHC for insulting her. LHC is shocked. At this moment, the Holy Maiden appears out of nowhere and laughs at LHC for trying to show off his mediocre zither skills. She then takes Lin Pingzhi hostage, demanding LHC to beg her. YLS who is anxious about LPZ, urges LHC to do so. LHC begs her, reluctantly. Suddenly, Yue Buqun arrives and has a fight with the Holy Maiden. The Holy Maiden is slightly injured. Upon seeing her injured, LHC chases her all the way to the forest, wanting to give her some medicine, but she refuses.

LHC goes to the Bamboo Hut the next day to visit Po-po. He begins to relate to her his problems. And once again, Po-po consoles him and giving him some advice. The she asks him, "What will you do if the person in front of you is a member of the evil cult?" On the other hand, YLS and LPZ are in a temple. There, they confess their love for each other. Suddenly, a group of people led by Cheng Buyou appear and capture them. News of this capture reaches YBQ as well as LHC. LHC immediately goes to rescue them. He fights the enemies ferociously. Just as he is about to strike CBY, he suddenly faints. At this moment, YBQ and group arrive. They manage to save them.

Back in the room, Ning Zhongzhe tells YLS to visit LHC. However, she is like a bit reluctant. YBQ also reprimands her, saying she should at least go for if not because of LHC., she and LPZ would have perished in the hands of the enemies. YLS and LPZ then go to send their regards to LHC. Also, YBQ and Wang Yuanba feel the situation is becoming more dangerous in Luoyang, Firstly, with the persistence attacks by CBY and also the evil cult members. YBQ feels it would not be feasible to stay in Luoyang anymore and decides to go LPZ's hometown, Fujian instead. WYB agrees too for Fujian is far from Songshan.

As they are all leaving soon, LHC goes to the Bamboo Hut to bade farewell to Po-po. Po-po is sad. LHC kowtows to her 3 times as a form of respect before leaving. At the pier, WYB warns YBQ to be on the watch at all times. At this moment, LZW comes and passes a zither to LHC, saying that it is the wish of Po-po. The 2 masters of the Wangs then try to block LZW's way at the bridge, but just in a moment, LZW has already gone far. The 2 masters have fallen into the water. All are amazed by the speed of LZW. The ship leaves. Then, the singing of a lady could be heard from the shore. It is Po-po.


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