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Episode 16

The beautiful singing of Po-po not only gets Linghu Chong engrossed, but also all the others on the ship. Nonetheless, Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongzhe are puzzled as to the background of Lu Zu Wen and also Po-po, deducing that they must be extraordinary people. Soon, the ship has reached Kaifeng. NZZ, knowing that the famous physician, Ping Yizhi lives in that province then suggests approaching him to heal LHC's injuries, but YBQ feels since PYZ is a member of the evil cult, approaching him isn't a good idea. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that PYZ's principle is, " Heal one person, kill one person." Yue Lingshan and others then go on shore to enjoy themselves. Nevertheless, NZZ says she will only feel better if they have at least spent efforts to seek help from PYZ. YBQ agrees to go with her.

On the other hand, LHC is all-alone on the ship when to his surprise, many anonymous gifts arrive. Meanwhile at PYZ's house, Tao Gu 6 Xian are making much fuss over PYZ's treatment of one of their injured members. PYZ chides the rest for messing up his arteries and now, he has to open up his abdomen to put them back in place. On the ship, as LHC is admiring the gifts and drinking wine, a guy's voice is heard suddenly, " Good wine! Good wine!" LHC invites him on board.

Finally, the injured member has regained consciousness. Surprisingly, PYZ says, " May the 2 experts standing outside come in." So YBQ and NZZ have been outside all along. Tao Gu 6 Xian, upon seeing NZZ, get worked up as she is the one who has caused the injury of one of their members. YBQ then says his request but PYZ emphasizes his healing principle. When NZZ asks him to bend the rules, he merely smirks, turns his head away and goes back.

Back on the ship, LHC and the guy are having a nice time discussing wine. So this person by the name of Zu Qianqiu professes to be a wine connoisseur. He begins to teach LHC the importance of using appropriate utensils and even asks him to finish drinking the 8 cups of wine. After drinking, LHC feels a sharp pain, something like a hot feeling. So the 8 cups of wine are in fact medicine for his wounds. Suddenly, Zu Qianqiu jumps into the water. Tao Gu 6 Xian and PYZ have arrived. PYZ then feels his complex pulse. Knowing that it is not within his ability to cure him completely, he gives him 10 pills, which would help ease his pain. LHC asks him who instructs them to save him, but he merely answers, " Don't ask." With that, he left.

At night, LHC is having a wonderful time with TG6X drinking, making merry. However, they make too much noise and this displeased YLS. In a drunken stupor, LHC has a talk with YLS. He gets worked up says he will never do anything against Huashan, especially her. Will never. On the shore, all this is overheard by LPZ and he gets moody. YLS assures him of her love for him. LPZ relates his suspicious of LHC. All of a sudden, a voice is heard. Then they are mysteriously captured. On the other hand, LHC is also taken away on the ship.

LHC is being tied up in an old house. Inside the house are an old, half-bald guy and a young girl. The bald guy's purpose is to cut open LHC's forehead and get his blood. For the 8 cups he has drank are actually medicine decocted meant for his sickly daughter. However, LHC remains composed even in the face of death. Just then, Zu Qianqiu dashes in and after whispering something to the half- bald guy, both of them immediately free LHC and even apologize to him. By now, LHC is completely bewildered and really wishes to know who is the person behind all these. But they do not reveal anything. LHC then commands them to tie themselves up, which they obey without hesitation. LHC then carries the young girl into the room. Using a knife to slash his wrist, letting the blood drip into a bowl, he asks the young girl to drink it. After that, he faints.

Meanwhile, YBQ, NZZ and others are searching frantically for the missing YLS and LPZ, suspecting these are the doings of the evil cult. At this moment, the semi-conscious LHC is being taken back to the ship by ZQQ and the half-bald guy. YBQ then questions them about the whereabouts of his daughter. They reiterate the fact, the capture has absolutely nothing to do with them. Most probably, since they are friends of LHC, no harm would come to them. If were to find them, he can go to Wu Ba Gang. YBQ then interrogates the already exhausted LHC who infact knows nothing about it. TG6X who have been there all along, are feeling indignant for him.

On the other hand at Black Wood Cliff, the base of Sun Moon Sect, Yang Lianting is accusing a few members of collaboration with Xiang Wentian whom he deems as a traitor. Just as he is about to kill them, a commanding voice, " Stop!" Is heard. The Holy Maiden is back.



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