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Episode 17

With the arrival of the Holy Maiden, everyone bows to her. The Holy Maiden then pleads for mercy for the members, but there is no response from Dongfang Bubai who merely sits there, like a stone. Yang Lianting takes things into his own hands and orders the execution of the members. In a moment, their heads are all chopped off. The Holy Maiden is upset over this. Later, she leaves Black Wood Cliff. Suspecting her of being in collaboration with the betrayers of the sect, he instructs his followers to keep an eye on her.

On the other hand, Linghu Chong has regained consciousness. Then all of a sudden, 2 sedans, surrounded by many people are in sight. Tao Gu 6 Xian, as usual playfully open the curtain of one of the sedans, and surprising, in view is Yue Lingshan. YLS immediately dashes over to hug her mother. The person in another sedan is Lin Pingzhi. He has been tied up and is being made fun by TG6X. YLS discloses that their capturers are people who feed on human flesh, and this statement instantly evokes a response from TG6X, who exclaim, "Its Ji Bei Shuang Xiong."

From a distance away, a ship is gradually sailing this way. On board is a group of women dressed in elaborate, traditional costumes. Yue Buqun recognizes them as the Five Poisons Sect of Yunnan, In a moment, one of them has landed on the shore, asking to see LHC. YBQ politely asks her for her name, but she beats around the bush in a coquettish manner. Later, it is known that she is actually the leader of Five Poisons Sect, Lan Fenghuang. Walking over to LHC, she says, " I am a good friend of your good friend, so that makes us good friends too." After feeling his pulse, she whistles. As swift as lightning, the rest of the followers on the ship came on shore. To the shock of the others, these women suddenly take off their bottoms, revealing their bare legs. LHC is momentarily puzzled. So this is a method (like a blood transfusion) used by the Miao Clan for treating injuries.

Meanwhile, in the forest, to answer for his incompetence in failing to inform the Holy Maiden about the mass gathering at Wu Ba Gang, Lu Zu Weng destroys his own skills.

Back to the scene: the treatment given by LFH. The blood transfusion has indeed made LHC more refreshed. YBQ, LHC and the rest of Huashan, then set off for Wu Ba Gang where they are given a warm welcome. At Wu Ba Gang, there is a mass gathering of hundreds of non-orthodox member. A magnificent sight, with flags waving and people surrounding LHC, treating him warmly. LHC feels honored and thinks he does not deserve all this attention. Meanwhile, YBQ and company are taking shelter at a makeshift corner, watching all this all along.

All these friends have specially invited renowned physicians to treat him. Ping Yizhi also arrives. He then advises LHC to abstain from wine, women and also fighting, for in this case, he might live longer. LHC then answers nonchalantly what is joy without all this.

Outside, after being upset that his shifu has addressed him as Master Linghu instead, LHC goes back into the hut and to his horror, PYZ is dead. He has commited suicide! All of a sudden, some strange signals are heard and the crowd all disperses hastily. LHC carries the dead body outside where Zu Qianqiu frantically begs him not to tell the Holy Maiden that all of them have been here. In merely a split of a second, the initial lively atmosphere on the hill is reduced to a state of stillness.

As the Huashan members are travelling in the forest, they meet Lu Bai…



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