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Episode 18

Everyone has gone, only leaving Linghu Chong all alone on Wu Ba Gang. Feeling lonely and depressed, he begins to drown himself in wine. Just then, the familiar engaging singing reaches his ears once again. Walking gingerly to the small shelter, there he sees Po-po, playing the zither. LHC is thrilled at the sight of her and as usual starts to pour out his sorrows to her. If not for the desire to see her again, he might have… A surge of sadness engulfs him yet again… Tears fall on the zither…

Suddenly, approaching footsteps can be heard. Three guys have arrived, wanting to take the life of Po-po whom they deem as a member of the evil cult. LHC recognizes them as members of Shaolin and Kunlun Sect. He goes all out to protect Po-po and in the course of fighting, he faints. When he wakes up the next morning, he finds himself in the forest and Po-po playing the zither. He wants to follow Po-po but is refused initially by her. LHC then has a request, hoping that before he leaves, he can get to see the true face of Po-po. To see whether she is like what he has dreamt. But Po-po replies, "Definitely different." LHC turns around and wants to leave when suddenly Po-po calls, " What will happen to me if you leave?" She wants LHC to protect her as the evil cult members are after her. LHC agrees, but he is to promise not to see the real looks of her.

During the journey, LHC is travelling in front with Po-po behind her, holding a common stick. A few times, LHC mischievously tries to turn back to take a glimpse of Po-po but is wittingly stopped by her. At last, they reach an inn. As LHC steps in, all the guests suddenly kneel down. The one at the door even blinds himself, to the shock of LHC. Po-po then banishes them to the remote island, never to step into the Central Plains again, which they obey without hesitation. LHC is disgusted by her actions and by now he realizes, that she is part of the evil cult too. He leaves in a huff. Po-po is upset.

Just outside the inn, LHC sees 2 people entering the inn and their target seems to be Po-po. They're 2 guys, one of, which is a Shaolin monk, demand to see the evil girl. LHC rushes in and tries to stop them. He says no matter whom Po-po is, he will still protect her at all costs. LHC has a fight but is on the losing end. He displays Dugu Swordplay, which is immediately recognized by the monk. As Feng Qingyang is the benefactor of Shaolin, the monk lets him go and also advises him that the only way to cure his injuries is to master Yijin Jing of Shaolin. He gives LHC a pill too.

Despite the fact that he is also injured, LHC wants to give the pill to Po-po and asks her to open the door. But Po-po refuses and tells him to consume it instead. LHC then feigns that he is in great pain after consuming the pill. Thinking that it is true, Po-po immediately opens the door and LHC falls on her. Here the truth is revealed. LHC is enormously stunned when the Po-po he respects turns out to be his foe, the Holy Maiden. He is angry and leaves. The Holy Maiden is sad.

Near the spring, a few masked men are in ambush. LHC faints again and the Holy Maiden comes to his rescue. At night, LHC wakes up and overhears Zu Qianqiu and the old guy gossiping about him and Holy Maiden. Then, the Holy Maiden appears and commands them to convey her order to everyone. That is whoever sees LHC is to kill him at once.


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