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Episode 19

Linghu Chong hands a sword over to the Holy Maiden and asks her to seize this opportunity to kill him. The Holy Maiden could not bear to do so and confesses that her main purpose into ordering her followers to kill him is to make him stay by her side forever. Unable to control her emotions, she runs over to hug him, in tears and finally LHC is touched by her deep affection, hugging her passionately too.

They have a happy time eating frogs and teasing each other in the forest. By now, LHC knows that the Holy Maiden's name is Ren Yingying. Meanwhile, Yang Lianting has thought of a plan to eliminate RYY. Knowing that RYY and LHC are bound to go back to the Bamboo Hut in Luoyang, he decides to spread the news of their whereabouts to LHC's enemies. On the other hand, Ning Zhongzhe is worried about LHC. However, Yue Buqun feels that LHC has disgraced the name of Huashan and because of him, every righteous pugilist is keeping a watch on them. Aware that they are reaching Fujian soon, Lin Pingzhi's feelings of revenge are stirred up once again.

LHC misses his shifu, shi-niang and Yue Lingshan. RYY reveals that her main priority is to find her long-lost father and also hopes that LHC can go to Shaolin Temple to master Yijin Jing so as to recover completely. But LHC feels that everything is predestined. He offers to follow RYY to search for her father. Abbot Fangzheng of Shaolin has sent a letter to Zuo Lengchan of Songshan, asking him to stop his quest for dominance for peace to prevail. But ZLC ignores. After learning of LHC's whereabouts, he sent the masked men (who have been blinded by LHC) to attack him. On the other hand, Qingcheng Sect members and Cheng Buyou have also received this news. All are on their way to the hut to seek revenge on LHC.

LHC and RYY have reached the Bamboo Hut. From the tune she is playing, LHC could tell she is waiting for someone, whom is Xiang Wentian. Soon, the 3 groups of enemies have finally arrived. Knowing that their main target is him, LHC asks RYY to stay inside while he will settle his score with them. The 3 groups attack LHC together and LHC battles them with all his might. A long and thrilling fight! Nonetheless, LHC is greatly outnumbered. Plus his injuries, he is unable to hold on for long. He faints. Then at this moment, RYY dashes out and give him a helping hand. By this time, Lu Zu Wen has come to offer assistance as well but is then killed. Finally the enemies are defeated.

On the other hand, being utterly disappointed with LHC's actions, Yue Buqun decides to expel him from the sectů



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