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Episode 2

Linghu Chong is not having an easy time dealing with the Qing Cheng Sect members because he is greatly outnumbered. At the most intense moment, Qu Yang comes and rescues him. Linghu Chong is grateful to Qu Yang, nonetheless he feels that since he also rescued him before, now they should call it quits. He feels that as his 'shifu' has said, there should be a line drawn between the orthodox sects and the evil cult.

On the other hand, the scarred-faced girl manages to rescue Lin Pingzhi. Lin Pingzhi flees in the direction of Heng Shan, with Qing Cheng members still hot on his heels.

Back to the scene of Linghu Chong and Qu Yang...
Suddenly, there is a strong gust of wind, with mist filling the surroundings. A lady wearing a veil, appears. She is the Holy Maiden (shen-gu), wanting to take the life of Qu Yang. Qu Yang asks Linghu Chong to run. Linghu Chong asked him, "Is the Holy Maiden that scary?" Qu Yang answers that actually she is on the orders of Dungfang Bubai to kill him. Qu Yang then requests Linghu Chong to look for Liu Zhengfeng from Tai Shan Sect and hand over the qin to him. As he hasn't finished his words, the Holy Maiden appears in front of them. Qu Yang immediately bows to her. She tells him, "I don't wish to see you again in future." Linghu Chong is disgusted with what she has said and scolds her for going too far.

Qu Yang pleads with the Holy Maiden to let him fulfill his wish first before ending his life. He and Liu Zhengfeng are both music-lovers and they have yet to complete a piece of work. The Holy Maiden who is apparently displeased with Linghu Chong, tells Qu Yang, "Now I don't want to see him ever again." Immediately, she draws her sword at Linghu Chong. Just as she is about to kill him, Qu Yang risks his life by holding the sword bare-handed, with blood dripping. The Holy Maiden then lets them off for the time being.

Meanwhile, Lin Zhengnan and wife are still in the hands of Qing Cheng Sect, refusing to divulge the whereabouts of the Pi Xie Manual and this makes Yu Canghai furious.

As Linghu Chong is on his way to deliver the qin to Liu Zhengfeng, he sees a guy harassing a pretty-looking nun in the forest. This guy, known as 'Wan Li Du Xin' Tian Boguang, is trying to take advantage of the young nun. An idea comes to Linghu Chong's mind and he purposely creates some sounds to lure him out of his den. As Tian Boguang is tricked into coming out, Linghu Chong seizes the opportunity to save the nun, unfortunately he is unable to release her blocked acupoint. Left with no choice, he carries her away. They hide in a tree-cave but Tian Boguang soon finds them. Linghu Chong has a tough fight with Tian Boguang, but is simply no match for him. He tells the young nun whom by now he knows, is Yi Lin of Heng Shan Sect, to run away quickly (her acupoint has been released) while he tries to stall for time. Linghu Chong is seriously injured.

Yi Lin escapes all the way to a town, however Tian Boguang manages to pursue her all the way and forces her to accompany him to drink at an inn. At the same time, Lin Pingzhi also flees to the town. In order not to be recognized by his enemies who are now in the town too, he disguises as a dirty - looking hunchback, working as a temporary worker in the inn.

On the other hand, the scarred-faced girl who has lost touch with her 'Da-shi xiong', is worried. Her 'Erl-shi xiong' urges her to go back as her main task is to observe the Qing Cheng Sect. However, she insists on finding Linghu Chong first.

Meanwhile, Linghu Chong, who has sustained injuries, also chases all the way to the inn. There are 2 Tai Shan members in the inn too. Linghu Chong then purposely says some unpleasant things to spite Yi Ling, to force her to leave. Linghu Chong, knowing that he is no match for Tian Boguang, suggests a fight while sitting down. He boasts mischievously, "Fighting while standing up, I rank No. 98. But if fighting while sitting down, I am No. 2.". When asked by Tian Boguang who is No. 1, he says in a naughty manner, "Dungfang Bubai, the leader of Sun Moon Sect.". Tian Boguang agrees to a duel while sitting and accepts the terms stated by Linghu Chong, that are not to harass Yi Ling anymore and also to acknowledge her as 'shi-fu'.



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