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Episode 20

Even though Ning Zhongze is terribly upset over the fact that Yue Buqun has kicked Linghu Chong out of the sect, she still has to control her sorrow and reveal the truth to all Huashan followers. Letters have also been sent to other sects, informing them of this matter.

On the other hand, the exhausted Ren Yingying has carried the injured LHC all the way to Shaolin. After begging Abbot Fangzheng to save him, she faints at once. Abbot Fangzheng examines LHC's injuries and deduces the only way to save him is to use Yijing Jin. Aware of the fact that RYY is an important figure in Sun Moon Sect and that she has a strong air of killing, FZ promises to save LHC only if she will accept this condition, that is to stay in Shaolin Temple for 10 years. For the sake of LHC, RYY agrees.

FZ and Fangshen pass on their zhen qi to LHC, which will help to sustain his life temporarily. . A few days later, LHC regains consciousness. FZ and FS know that the only method to cure him completely is using Yijing Jin but by the rules of Shaolin, Yijing Jin is only imparted to Shaolin disciples. Just then, they receive a letter from Huashan that is LHC has been expelled from the sect. FZ then exclaims, " This is what we call fate." Meanwhile, other sects have also received the letters. Monk Bujie, who is in Hengshan, is feeling indignant for LHC and even proposes to Priestess Dingyi to let LHC to join Hengshan.

FZ and FS then tell LHC his present condition and ask him to join Shaolin. But LHC refuses even though he now learns that YBQ has expelled him. After expressing his gratitude to both of them, LHC leaves the temple.

On the other hand, YBQ and company have reached Jiangxi, They are getting nearer to their destination, Fujian. Knowing that Lin Pingzhi is bent on taking revenge, Yue Lingshan is worried for his safety and begs him to perish this thought for the sake of her. On the surface, LPZ agrees.

After leaving the temple, LHC arrives at a town and there he hears a storyteller relating the heroic act of him blinding the masked men outside the temple with just one stroke. And also the reason he is expelled is that he is too highly skilled. No one believes that the real LHC is standing right in front of him or her. On the other hand, RYY is still inside in Shaolin Temple, being kept in the dark about LHC's departure.

Meanwhile, Xiang Wentian's friend (from Sun Moon Sect) is laying a trap for him on the pretext of preparing a feast for himů


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