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Episode 21

Xiang Wentian is totally taken unawares when his friend suddenly attacks him. Nevertheless, XWT manages to fend him and the others who later dash in, off. Though he escapes, he is injured.

Meanwhile, Linghu Chong is wandering aimlessly in the woods when a group of guys on horses inquires him about a middle-aged guy. LHC is surprised and acts blur. After the group has gone away, LHC senses a strong feel of killing and quickly tails those mysterious fellows. They reach a pavilion. More groups of people arrive and LHC hides on the tree, watching all that has been going on. The main target of these people is the guy in the pavilion, whom is none other than the already injured XWT. Seeing him in imminent danger, LHC flew out and chides the people for bullying him. XWT stares at him warily and urges him to leave. But LHC insists on staying behind, saying that since he has drank his wine, therefore they are friends. At this moment, the groups of fellows dash in together and assault them. XWT and LHC put on a fierce fight and despite being outnumbered, they manage to defeat them.

The next day, LHC wakes up and upon knowing that XWT is from Sun Moon Sect, he then make inquires about Yingying. They then become sworn brothers.

LHC and XWT disguise as members of Songshan and Huashan and soon arrive at the Mei Manor. Initially, the housekeeper refuses to let them in, however after XWT shows him a painting, then they are allowed entry. In the manor, the 3 masters are overawed by the treasures that XWT shows them. In fact, the owners of the Manor are the 4 masters who are brothers. They are professed in the fields of qin (zither), qi (chess), shu (calligraphy), hua (paintings) respectively. The 3 masters are very interested in the treasures and XWT then sets the terms that if they are able to defeat LHC in swordfighting skills, then these treasures will be given to them. However, they are not to pit their internal energies.

First come the housekeeper, but he is defeated by LHC in just a few strokes. Next came the 4th, 3rd and 2nd masters respectively. All are no match for LHC. The 3 masters still refuse to give up and then invite LHC to pit his skills against their eldest brother. The first master displays his enchanting qin skills, however they have no effect on LHC as he has no internal energy at all. Outside the room, the 3 masters and XWT are waiting. One of the masters suddenly exclaims that he forgot to mention that no internal energy is to be used, They then go into the room, and in view, is the broken strings of the zither. LHC has won again. The first master is thoroughly impressed with LHC.

Seeing the tinge of disappointment on their faces, LHC then requests XWT to give them the treasures but is refused. Just outside the manor, LHC asks XWT what is his purpose in playing tricks on them. XWT merely answers that someone is bound to persuade them to stay, True enough, the 4th master comes out and invites them to stay behind, mentioning that there is still another person in the manor who can spar with LHC.


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