Twists and Turns of Their Love
Part 2

Here are the most precious moments of Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying by Li Yapeng and Xu Qing!!^_^

Episode 27

It is snowing heavily outside. In the cave, LHC just wakes up, with RYY by his side.

LHC: Where is this place?
RYY: (smiling jovially jokes) Here is Hades.

A faint smile breaks out on LHC's face. Lifting up his own body gently from his initial lying down position, he says, "If it is so easy to enter Hades that would have been good." Pausing, before continuing, "I think from now onwards, most likely, everyone in the pugilistic world views me as a despicable fellow who betrays his sect and is devoid of emotions."

RYY: You regret going to Shaolin Temple to rescue me?
LHC: (a bit taken back, hurriedly answers) How would I regret? To save me, you even entrusted your life to Shaolin Temple. Even if I return you a life, that's still not enough to repay your gratitude.
RYY: (pretending to be slightly offended) Till now, you still speak to me in this manner. This shows you still treat me as an outsider.
LHC: (stutters) I…I…

RYY sees that he is floundering for an explanation. As if to get him out this fix, she gestures to stop him and instead she continues, "I don't blame you. I know in your heart, you still can't forget one person."

LHC: Xiao Shi Mei…she…. (Voice trails off. Then he continues) Maybe I simply don't deserve her love. She is definitely happier being with LPZ.
RYY: I envy your xiao shi mei. It was precisely your deep love for her that has touched me. I have never seen a wanderer who is so devoted.

With that, she gives a natural, radiant smile. Then breaking up in laughter, she goes on, "As devoted as a nerd".
She stops laughing when she notices LHC staring at her affectionately with gentle eye expressions.

RYY: Why are you staring at me like this?
LHC: (as if at a sudden lose for words) I am not good with words and unable to express myelf fluently. But if (starting to smile cheekily), I can find a person like Po Po to be my wife….
RYY: (butts in happily) Really? Hope this isn't just one of your sweet talks.

LHC: (stutters again) I…just now…
RYY: I don't want you to return any lives to me. I just wish for you to treat me whole-heartedly and never leave me. Promise me?
LHC: This…. (Hesitates)

RYY's anger rises, "So you simply picked all the nice words to tell me, is it? In your heart, there's simply no space for me, right?

LHC: (flusters) No, no! If I meant to deceive you just now, may I be struck by lightning.
RYY: (putting his hand down) Don't say this. As pugilists, most likely, we might not come to any good end. If you ever let me down one day, then…then I will kill you personally.
LHC: (feigns being stabbed by her) Ouch! Po po...

Both of them then laugh uncontrollably. After which for some time, they look into each other's eyes.

Episode 28

In an inn, LHC is drinking and gambling when suddenly the door swings open. A young lady enters and then walks towards him. Lifting her veil, she smiles at him. It is RYY.

LHC: (taken by surprise) I say…I say…isn't this Mei Hua Hong of Yi Hong Yuan (note: a brothel)? Why do you come all the way here? And even dressed as if you are a heroine.

With that, he continues to sip his wine. Initially outraged at LHC's behaviour, RYY stands up but then instantly controls herself, she understands the situation. Unexpectedly, flinging one of her braids in a seductive manner, she flirts, "Aiyo! General! (At this moment, LHC utterly shocked, spit out the wine) You are really a callous guy, ah! How could you forget those promises of eternal love that we had, by the pillows?

LHC: (continues the act) Promises of eternal love? Have I ever promised you?
RYY: General…didn't you say you pay 200 taels to redeem Hua Hong and even let Hua Hong accompany General forever.

To be continued

Author's note: A very enjoyable scene. Definitely one of the most hilarious moments in the entire serial. Watch it and judge for yourself personally. Above is a segment of the entire conversation.

Episode 36

RYY: Chong ge, you are worried that your xiao shi mei will be bullied by her husband, aren't you? Think of a way to help her then.

LHC looks at her and shakes his head.

RYY: If you want to save her, just go ahead.

LHC turns around and pours out his inner thoughts, "Yingying, in this world, you are the only person I have." Then he puts his hands on her shoulders, turning her to face in his direction. Saying earnestly, "If there still exists any misunderstanding between us, then what's the point of me living?"

RYY: (giving an assuring smile) I know how you feel towards me….

Author's note: A subtle example that shows RYY truly understands LHC. His confidante indeed. RYY's unsurpassed position in LHC's heart is equally evident in this scene, where we can tell that LHC has finally put down whatever love (in the romantic sense), he has felt for YLS in the past.

Episode 38

In a misty area. LHC is blowing a xiao, with RYY besides him.

LHC: What is my life? I grow up at Huashan but Huashan doesn't want me. I mastered Dugu Jiujian but in the end, the skill that saved my life is Xixin Dafa. I don't like to get involved in matters but yet I become the leader of a group of nuns. (stroking RYY's hair) Once, I bore huge hatred towards the evil sect yet, I fall in love with the chief's daughter.

RYY: Do you regret?
LHC: Being with you is the happiest thing of all to me.
RYY: Me too.

LHC: I am thinking of Liu Shi Shu (Liu Zhengfeng) and Qu Zhang Lao (Qu Yang). I have finally understood why they had decided to wash their hands of pugilistic affairs, and chose to leave for a faraway place. Yingying, you must teach me how to play the tune Xiao Ao Jiang Hu.

Holding each other's hands.

RYY: If we can be like the 2 elders, playing the Xiao Ao Jiang Hu tune that would be great. But my dad and Yue Buqun, would they agree?
LHC: (mumbles) They...
RYY: In the past, weren't they being forced to death by Dungfang Bubai and Zuo Lengchan?
LHC: Your dad won't force you. My shifu will not either.
RYY: Chong ge, don't tell me, that you still regard Yue Buqun as your shifu, like in the past? He makes use of you, harms you. He wants to kill you.
LHC: But he is still my shifu...

Then he continues, "If there is a place which is full of plum blossoms, and with just the both of us, that would be great. Yingying, no matter what others think, once I return the leadership seat at Hengshan, we shall leave."

Author's note: A pretty long but heartwarming conversation between this pair of lovebirds. A sweet scene, that further shows, to us, viewers, that their relationship has elevated to a stable stage where each only has each other in their hearts. A couple meant to be.



Smiling, RYY holds out the flask of wine to LHC, letting him have a sniff of the fragrance. LHC has been pretty vexed over the fact it has been Yue Buqun who has killed Priestess Dingyi. RYY is trying to lift up his spirits.

LHC: Mmm…good wine! Where did you get it?
RYY: As the Holy Maiden, don't tell me I can't even get hold of a flask of wine? But your injury has not healed, so you can only drink one flask.
LHC (reaching out for the flask, smiling): Your wish is my command!

RYY then stops him, and takes out a cup instead. Smiling, "This flask is not for you alone."

LHC: Ah, so you want to have a drink too?
RYY: You don't allow?
LHC: Allowed!

RYY: Following the reign of Jikang, zither (qin) and wine can't be separated. (reciting) "Do not bother yourself with the numerous worldly, materialistic affairs, instead enjoy (seek pleasure) whatever you can (its limited) in this life."
(Author's note: This is a rough translation of the meaning of the original Chinese saying, "Mo Si Shen Wai Wu Qiong Shi, Qie Jin Sheng Qian You Xian Bei.")
Chong ge, let me toast you.

LHC repeats the saying, "Mo Si Shen Wai Wu Qiong Shi, Qie Jin Sheng Qian You Xian Bei.", "Well said!".

With that, they clink their cups, giving each other a toast.

LHC: If I had known that such words exist in the book, I would….
RYY: Would what?
LHC: Even if it meant drinking 8-10 cups of wine, I will still want to read these books, regardless of whether there are 8, 16 or 34 of them in all.
RYY: You will never be able be to change into Tao Gu Liu Xian (The Six Imps of Peach Valley)
LHC: (mischievously) Yes, I can't change. But you can! You shall conjure six for me or else, in the future, we will be bored to death!

Initially clueless, RYY asks innocently, " How do I conjure?". Then she gets the meaning, "Its you who will conjure Tao Gu Liu Xian!". She stands up and beats him on his back.

LHC: (still grinning) I'll help you conjure.
RYY: Detestable! (snatching the cup from him) Give me! Give me! You shall not be allowed to drink!
LHC: Ok…I will not drink then.


They gaze at each other, laughing again. RYY then puts her arms around LHC.

RYY: Chong ge, tomorrow, we shall return to Black Wood Cliff to persuade my father not to fight anymore. After which, both of us will leave for a faraway place. To a place where no one can find us. (smiling) Just you and me.
LHC: Then…(gleefully), are you still conjuring six (kids)?
RYY: (pushing him away) Detestable!


Author's note: This scene where LHC mischievously teases RYY on bearing 6 kids for him in an indirect manner is pretty interesting. Once again, we can feel the fantastic chemistry between Li Yapeng and Xu Qing.



LHC and RYY have been captured by Mute Granny respectively. When forced by Mute Granny to marry Yi Lin, LHC expresses that the only one in his heart is RYY. This is overheard by RYY.

RYY: (happily) Chong ge, I have heard all what you said just now. I like it!
LHC: (smiling) Then I will say that to you everyday.


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