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Episode 22

Xiang Wentian and Linghu Chong are treated to a feast at the Mei Manor when one of the masters comes to tell them that after much discussion, they have decided to let LHC spar with that person. Just at this moment, LHC notices the sudden change of expression on XWT's face. Nonetheless, the master says that only LHC alone is permitted to enter the cave. XWT then secretly passes something to LHC, instructing him to pass this thing to that person.

The 4 masters and LHC enter a cave and through it a long path hidden in darkness. Not long, they reach the West Lake. The 1st master then caution LHC to keep in mind 2 matters, that are firstly, no matter what is the outcome of this duel, he is not to mention anything about it for if not, the pugilistic world will be in chaos. Secondly, he is not to ask that person for his name or else his life will be in danger. LHC agrees. They enter, and in view is a disheveled, old guy being chained up in a hanging cage. After much incitement by the 4 masters and then LHC, the mysterious prisoner finally assents to the duel. LHC immediately brandishes his sword and his opponent displays his amazing prowess. The whole place is shaken. LHC and the 4 masters all faint.

Meanwhile, XWT who has been waiting outside then enters the cave as well. Upon seeing the mysterious fellow, he instantly pays his respect to him. So this prisoner was the former chief of Sun Moon Sect, Ren Woxing. They lock LHC in the cage and then made their exit. Once outside the manor, RWX 's first concern is to go to Black Wood Cliff to seek revenge on Dongfang Bubai who has betrayed him and imprisoned him for 12 years. XWT tries to dissuade him. On the way, they met some Sun Moon Sect members. RWX then comes to know of the current situation at the sect, that is Dongfang Bubai has vested all real power in Yang Lianting, while he, himself has been in recluse. RWX pauses for a moment. Then he exclaims, " Don't tell me he has mastered Kuihua Baodian? Impossible!" With that, he laughs.

Back at the underground West Lake at Mei Manor. After some time, the 4 masters have woken up. Seeing that there is someone in the cage and also the treasures on the ground, they thought RWX is still there. It did not cross their minds that the person there is in fact LHC. At night LHC wakes up and is shocked to find himself being chained up. He starts shouting hysterically but there is no response.

On the other hand, RWX and XWT are worried about Ren Yingying. For once news of RWX's return is known, there is a likelihood that DFBB will harm RYY.


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