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Episode 23

Linghu Chong is getting restless and bored, being cooped up in the cage. Then by chance, he comes across strange carvings on the cage. Taking a closer look, he realises that these were the writings left behind by Ren Woxing. In came the 2nd master, Heibaizi. Thinking that LHC is RWX, he asks him whether he is now willing to accede to his request, that is imparting the skill to him. LHC has no idea what is going on but merely plays along with him, asking him to come back 10 days later. After HBZ has left, LHC once again discovers some carvings pertaining to a certain skill.

On the other hand, at Shaolin Temple, Ren Yingying demands to see LHC but the abbot does not give her a direct answer which angers her, Lu Bai, who is at the temple at the moment, soon discovers RYY's whereabouts. He then reports his findings to Zuo Lengchan. ZLC deems this as a great opportunity to create havoc in the pugilistic world, which he thinks its too peaceful now. Songshan members start to spread news of RYY's whereabouts.

Put in a dilemma of whether to tell RYY the truth, the abbot then invites Priest Chongxu over. After a serious discussion, they think its best to reveal to RYY that LHC is no longer at Shaolin. Moreover, her long disappearance has already aroused the suspicions of her numerous followers. Rumours of RWX's return are also widely circulated. Upon learning the truth, RYY is initially outraged at being deceived. For the sake of peace in Shaolin and the pugilistic world, RYY then promises them that she will remain silent about her stay in Shaolin. With that, she sets off to look for RWX and LHC.

Day by day, LHC recites the readings on the cage and to his amazement, his 8 channels of energies are finally controlled. 10 days have passed. Heibaizi is back again. LHC then tricks him into sending him food/wine by promising to teach him 4 verses of Xixin Dafa on each visit. But Heibaizi feels that this process is too slow. Once again, LHC tricks him into releasing him. HBZ is enormously stunned upon seeing LHC. At this moment, LHC's palm touches his and in a few seconds, all his skills are absorbed by LHC. He collapses. After locking him in the cage, LHC makes his escape.

The other 3 masters have been waiting outside the cave. LHC has come out. They mistake him for Heibaizi and demand an explanation for his visit to RWX. LHC then fights his way out.


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