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Episode 24

Deep in thoughts regarding the safety of Xiang Wentian and Ren Woxing, Linghu Chong then decides to go back to Mei Manor. At the manor, 2 followers of Sun Moon Sect are demanding the 3 masters, to led them to see RWX. Seeing that they have the Black Wood token, they have no choice but to oblige. Meanwhile, RWX and XWT have also come back and upon reunion with LHC, XWT is glad. Finally, it is realized that the RWX has already escaped. The 2 followers are furious but the masters could offer no explantion for this bizarre happening, Suddenly, a thunderous laughter that sent waves around the vicinity, is heard. It is RWX. After some interaction, LHC then knows that he is the founder of Sun Moon Sect. RWX expresses admiration for his character.

The escape of RWX stuns the Sun Moon Sect followers. Nonetheless, one of them, by the name of Sang Sanniang refuses to succumb to RWX's threat. The token in her hands is then seized away by XWT. For those who are willing to submit to RWX, they have to swallow a deadly pill, known as San Shi Nao Shen Wan so as to prove their loyalty. Heibaizi (the 2nd master) wishes to pledge allegiance too but RWX, thinking that he is a useless bum, simply kicks him aside. LHC stares in disdain. SSN is forced to consume the pill and upon seeing her in agony, LHC stops them and requests them to let her off on his account. She is released. After bowing to LHC as a sign of gratitude, suddenly, she attempts a last minute attack on RWX. This attempt is aborted by XWT who kills her in the end. The 1st master, Huang Zhonggong, whom having been disillusioned with the world then ends his life too. All this unhappy events have distressed LHC and he takes his leave.

Along the way to the tavern, LHC receives anonymous wine. He knows that RWX and XWT are behind all these. RWX wishes to swear brotherhood with both of them by is politely refused by LHC. RWX is a bit displeased and tries to coerce him into joining Sun Moon Sect by making use of the fact that is, the possible long term hazards posed by Xixin Dafa. If he wishes to recover completely, only he, RWX can help him. Nonetheless, LHC feels that life and death are predestined and moreover, he is still hoping that Huashan Sect will accept him again. He is about to leave when RWX asks him, "Do you know a lady by the name of Yingying?" LHC turns back anxiously, "Yingying! Where is she?" RWX then tells him that there are rumours that she is at Shaolin Temple. With this, LHC immediately takes his leave and goes in search of her.

On the other hand, Huashan members are almost reaching their destination, Fujian. However, Yue Lingshan falls sick and they are thus delayed. Then, Yue Buqun receives an urgent letter from a monk. Shaolin Temple is going to be under attack and Abbot Fangzheng seeks reinforcements from the 5 sects. Knowing that the underlying cause is LHC again, YBQ is upset. YBQ, Ning Zhongze, Lin Pingzhi and YLS then set off for Shaolin while the rest will stay behind. Meanwhile, over at Songshan Sect, Zuo Lengchan has instructed Ji Bei San Xiong to attack Shaolin with a hundred archers. But no mention is to be made of ZLC. Lu Bai then reports to ZLC that the other sects are already on their way to Shaolin but what ZLC is most interested in, is the moves by RWX.



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