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Episode 25

Only after hearing from Mo Da then Linghu Chong comes to know of the sacrifices that Ren Yingying has made for him and her 10-years imprisonment pact with Shaolin Temple. Knowing that all the heretics are planning to barge into Shaolin to save RYY, MD advises LHC to take the lead in the rescue mission for only he can command them and thus preventing otherwise a great massacre from taking place. LHC rushes to Wu Ba Gang and as anticipated, he is warmly welcomed as the leader. The group then sets off in a grandeur manner.

On the way to the temple, LHC encounters a bony but powerful old man. Their skills are almost on par however LHC's Dugu Swordplay won the upper hand in the end. The old guy, impressed by LHC, beseeches him to follow him into the forest. This move baffles many of the followers. In the forest, LHC soon comes to know that he is none other than the respected Priest Chongxu, leader of Wudang Sect. Priest Chongxu reveals the truth to him, which is RYY has actually left Shaolin Temple half a month ago. Nonetheless, RYY's followers are unlikely to believe in this for she still hasn't made a reappearance in the pugilistic world…

Meanwhile, RYY has arrived at a run down hut inn. There are many suspicious characters inside. RYY could sense it and just as she is making her exit cautiously, the people instantly spring an attack on her. It is a battle of one against many. At the intense moment, Xiang Wentian and Ren Woxing rescue her. Having been reunited with her father after so many years, RYY is overjoyed with tears. So are RWX and XWT. Learning that LHC has led a group to Shaolin to save her, RYY is worried and anxiously sets off for Shaolin with her father and XWT.

LHC and group have finally reached the temple. Nonetheless, to their surprise, the whole temple is deserted. All the monks have made a temporary retreat so as to prevent bloodshed. Shaolin, Wudang, the 5 sects, Qingcheng all gathered in the woods. Priest Chongxu, Abbot Fangzheng and Mo Da all praise LHC's admirable character and that it is indeed fortunate that he is the leader. However Yue Buqun and Zuo Lengchan beg to differ. The scheming ZLC then secretly orders his followers to stay in ambush.

LHC commands some of the followers to leave the hill however these followers are unable to do so as the moment they are downhill, many arrows come shooting at them. LHC then personally leads the group down and true enough, they are all unable to break through the array of arrows and forced to retreat. Instead, there are many deaths and casualties. Abbot Fangzheng is totally bewildered as to who are the mysterious fellows in ambush...



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