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Episode 26

The unorthodox members who are being trapped in Shaolin Temple are getting more and more pissed off and are contemplating to fight their way out. Linghu Chong, who firmly believes that Abbot Fangzheng, a master of high prestige, would not stoop to such a despicable mean to trap them, is trying hard to think of a better way to get out of this fix. At this moment, the 6 Peach Valley Imps (Tao Gu Liu Xian), coincidentally chanced upon a secret stairway leading to the underground at the other side of the temple. They instantly inform LHC about it. On the other hand, Ren Ying-Ying, Ren Woxing and Xiang Wentian are on their way here, galloping at full speed.

Meanwhile, at the temple, one by one, with LHC taking the lead, gingerly walk down the dark staircase. As they walk further, they could feel more brightness showering in and true enough, the pathway leads to the open. They are finally out! LHC then instructs them to inform one another should they hear any news of RYY. "No matter what, after this ordeal, we are now all friends. In future, should I meet with any danger, I might have to trouble all of you.", shouts of "No problem! No problem!" is then spontaneously replied in unison. LHC further continues his speech, "It is indeed a joyous affair that we are able to escape unscathed today. So let us shout 3 times together, to give those righteous sects a scare." At once, the thunderous shouts are heard which sent Zuo Lengchan seething with anger.

After parting reluctantly with the members, LHC goes back to the temple, hoping to get some traces. Just then, he hears some noise and at once springs up, hiding near the ceiling. RYY, RWX and XWT have arrived. At the same time, members of the righteous sects, who have been in the forest all along, have entered the place too. A face-to-face confrontation then commences between RWX and the leaders of the various sects who initially have been momentarily stunned at the reappearance of this invincible pugilist. RWX remarks that there are 3 people who deserves his utmost admiration, whom are Dongfang Bubai, Abbot Fangzheng, Feng Qingyang and Priest Chongxu. He then mocks at Yue Buqun, ZLC as well as Yu Canghai for he despises them who in turn dislike him too. RWX then wants to leave the temple however the condition is that he has to win 2 rounds out of 3 duels first. The first duel is with Fangzheng. At first, both are on par with FZ showing the prowess of his Thousand-Hand Buddha Palm (qian shou ru lai shen zhang). Nonetheless, in the end, RWX wins due to his wittiness and also in part because of FZ's benevolence. ZLC is the second opponent. RWX is gaining the upper hand at the beginning nevertheless, when ZLC displays his swift Cold Ice Skill, RWX is taken aback as his Absorbing Skill has been totally countered-attacked. The outcome is a draw as both have sustained severe injuries. As a result, the third round would be a fight between Chongxu and XWT instead.

However at this moment, RWX, to the surprise of everyone, exclaims, "Brother Linghu, you can come down,". LHC, who has been up there all along, has no choice but to come down. Upon seeing him, FZ and CX laugh heartily and then asks him to look at the carvings on the pillar. So all along, they have been aware that a highly-skilled person is hiding there. It's just they are unsure of whether this mysterious visitor is a foe or friend. LHC then pays his respect to the elders. The third round is now supposed to be a sparring between LHC and CX. Nevertheless, CX remarks that this duel is redundant, as he has already lost to LHC earlier on. Therefore, RWX and the rest can leave. ZLC and YBQ are unhappy. At this moment, YBQ stops them and says that CX's refusal to spar is due to his magnanimous nature, thus he himself will undertake the task of eliminating the traitor from his sect. The third round will be a fight between him and LHC.



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