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Episode 27

Yue Buqun insists that it is his duty to get rid of the traitorous Linghu Chong, thus this fight is inevitable. LHC, who always has the utmost respect for his teacher, hesitates but eventually relents because he knows that if he refuses, the lives of Ren Yingying ang Ren Woxing might be in peril. From the countless strokes exchanged, it is obvious that LHC is the more highly skilled one, despite YBQs repeated vicious strokes. Being a sore loser, YBQ publicly expels LHC from Huashan and severs all ties with him.

It is winter. In the cave, RYY is mischievously teasing LHC about his deep affection for Yue Lingshan. LHC plays along with her jokingly. RYY makes LHC promise to take care of her forever. On the other hand, RWX has sustained serious injuries since the fight at Shaolin Temple. In order to aid him in recovery, LHC and RYY transfer inner strength to him. This process takes a long time and all 4 of them are covered with snow. Meanwhile, Zuo Lengchan once again tries to coerce Priestess Dingyi into assenting to a merger of the 5 sects but is refused for the discerning priestess has already seen through his real scheme.

LHC, RYY, RWX and Xiang Wentian are still recuperating in the heavy snow

ZLC, on the other hand, instructs his trusted subordinate Lu Bai to carry out his plan, that is to spread a fake piece of news to Priestess Dingyi to lure her to Fujian Province and then seize this opportunity to annihilate the entire Hengshan Sect. At the other side, Ning Zhongze is displeased at YBQs vicious attitude towards LHC, nonetheless, YBQ still manages to placate her through his eloquence

After they have left, YLS and Lin Pingzhi, riding horses side by side, also gallop into the forest which is now covered with snow. Unaware that the there are people beneath the 4 snowsmen, both of them talk about love and marriage and YLS even writes words which has the overall meaning of everlasting love on one of the snowman (LHC). Just then, a group of ruffians come along and being attracted by YLSs beauty, insults and attempts to humiliate her. LPZ is angered and both of fight the adversaries furiously but are still no match. Just as YLS is being taken advantage of, all of a sudden, LHC bursts out from the snowman. He kills all of them. Upon learning of the words on the snowman, he is sad.

YLS and LPZ are planning to leave, however unexpectedly, at this moment, RYY also bursts out and immediately brandishes her sword at YLSs neck, demanding her to express her gratitude to LHC first before leaving. Shocked, LHC holds the sword with his hand (bleeding now), urging YLS to leave quickly. RYY, upon seeing that LHC is willing to disregard his own safety for YLS, is utterly disappointed and turns away in tears.

RWX consoles her. Once again, he tries to persuade LHC into joining Sun Moon Sect but LHC, as usual, refuses adamantly. This action of him angers RWX. Seeing that conflict is boiling, RYY tells LHC, We dont own each other anything now. If you still dont go now, then we shall let the swords be our spokesmen. LHC is reluctant and looks at her with deep affection, before turning away. With teary eyes, RYY stares at LHCs back as he disappears gradually into the thick forest.



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