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Episode 28
Priestess Dingyi is discussing with her disciples as to whether to make a trip down to Fujian province, taking into consideration the possibility of this being a scheme set by Zuo Lengchan. Finally, after much deliberation, she decides, that the Hengshan Sect is to set off for Fujian. Yi Lin then goes to bid farewell to Mute Granny. She pours out her inner thoughts to her, while expressing gratitude at the same time. Monk Bujie has overheard all these. He has been eavesdropping outside all along.

Late at night, Monk Bujie threatens Tian Boguang to escort Yi Lin all the way to Fujian. Tian Boguang, for fear of his own safety, unwillingly agrees. A new name, Buke Bujie has been given to him as well. Over at Songshan Sect, Zuo Lengchan has prepared and trained his henchmen to execute his plan. On the other hand, he instructs his trusted follower, Lu Bai, to follow them and should any trouble crops up, kill them without hesitation.

Linghu Chong, after having a merry drink, is planning to return to the inn, when unexpectedly, a bucket of water comes splashing on him. He narrowly escapes the drench. The culprit is a general by the name of Wu Tiande. A conversation, full of sarcasm and mockery, takes place between them. From the innkeeper, Linghu Chong learns of this particular general's atrocious behaviour.

In the forest.
Linghu Chong, outside the dilapidated hut, awaits the arrival of the general, with the intention of teaching him a lesson. The general passes by soon, indeed. Linghu Chong waylays and captures him. Stripping his attire and then changing into it, Linghu Chong gallops away on his horse, at the same time, imitating his mannerisms and accent mischievously. Not long, Ren Yingying enters the hut. Seeing the general being tied up to the pillar, she frees him.

Meanwhile, Lin Pingzhi, Yue Lingshan and Yue Buqun have reached Fuwei Escort Agency in Fujian, the home of Lin Pingzhi. Memories of the past reappear in Lin Pingzhi's thoughts. Kowtowing in front of the altar, he vows to take revenge one day. Yue Lingshan is delighted when Yue Buqun suggests them (she and Lin Pingzhi) getting married once they return to Huashan. She goes on happily to break the news to Lin Pingzhi.

Late at night, Lin Pingzhi starts pondering his father's last words: In the old mansion at Xiangyang Alley lies the Lins' family heirloom.

Linghu Chong (still posing as a general), as usual, is having a fun time drinking and playing chess in another inn. Around are suspicious characters dressed in black. The main door is suddenly kicked open. A young lady then enters the inn. All eyes turn to her. Lifting her veil, this seemingly mysterious lady smiles at Linghu Chong who is momentarily taken aback. It is Ren Yingying. Aware of the tense atmosphere and being wary of those unknown guests in the inn, Linghu Chong puts on an act. Ren Yingying plays along flirtatiously with him at once, understanding the 'misleading game' needed to play in there. The guys in black (who are actually sent by Zuo Lengchan) find Ren Yingying a tad familiar but just could not put their fingers on who she is and where they had seen her before.

Once back to one of the rooms at the upper level, both put down their pretence and resume their normal selves. Ren Yingying urges Linghu Chong to leave the town immediately while he expresses gently to her that all this while, the person whom he is most worried for is she. Suddenly, a voice booms out of nowhere, " What if I don't let you leave?' The speaker is Xiang Wentian. He hopes that Linghu Chong can pledge allegiance to Sun Moon Sect. Xiang Wentian does value brotherhood ties but as a follower of Sun Moon Sect, utmost loyalty is his top priority. So as to assist Linghu Chong in getting away, Ren Yingying holds her sword at Xiang Wentian. Reluctantly, Linghu Chong jumps from the window, out onto the deserted and dark road. Unknown to him, Tian Boguang has arrived in the town as well.




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