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Episode 29

The atmosphere is unusually tense. Everyone is fleeing the town, which has become deserted. In the inn, the keeper frantically informs the general (Linghu Chong) about the current situation. Linghu Chong, still maintaining his calm composure, immediately sets off to find out what exactly has happened.

Meanwhile, the entire Hengshan Sect has also arrived in the town. Sensing that something is fishy, all are on alert. Just then, screams are heard. Following the source of the screams, they venture gingerly. Priestess Dingyi kicks open the door. Empty. No one inside. Shadows flick past. Instructing the rest to stay put, Priestess Dingyi flew to the rooftop. No one there too. She goes back to the room. However, all her disciples have disappeared! In a split of a second, a group of masked men springs on her.

Linghu Chong, by coincidence, locates the group of missing nuns who are unconscious. Still in disguise, he does not reveal his true identity.

Priestess Dingyi is still in the midst of the fight when another masked man joins in and he seems to be on her side but under a condition. This guy is Lu Bai. Once again, he tries to persuade Priestess Dingyi into assenting to a merger. Fuming, she reprimands him for taking advantage of the present situation.

Linghu Chong deliberately makes his way into the room. One of the masked men tries to block his acupoint, but fails. Linghu Chong displays Xixin Dafa (The Absorbing Skill) and all the masked men are scared off. Priestess Dingyi grows suspicious of Linghu Chong but he simply brushes off her queries. Both of them return to the place where all the nuns are but they have gone missing again.

In the forest, Priestess Dingyi is putting on a ferocious fight with the masked men again. Linghu Chong is galloping at full speed towards there. All other nuns have been taken hostage. Tian Boguang and Yi Lin arrive shortly too. Yi Lin tries to fend off the enemies, but her skills are limited and she is caught.

Once again displaying the prowess of Xixin Dafa, LHC frightens off the adversaries. The Hengshan nuns are still in the dark regarding his real identity. Tian Boguang then says. 'I think this general's surname is not Wu. Should be Linghu instead."

At night, Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan sneak into the old mansion at Xiangyang Alley. Linghu Chong, who happens to be in the vicinity, tails them secretly.

Peeping through the windows, Linghu Chong sees Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan searching frantically for something. Lin Pingzhi murmurs, "I am sure it is here." Yue Lingshan proceeds to search the Buddhist Sutras, which Lin Pingzhi claims he has already looked in numerous times. Just then, Linghu Chong catches sight of 2 masked men sneaking in too.

Inside, Lin Pingzhi prays, looks up and he realizes there is an invisible tile up there. All of a sudden, mists of smoke are seen. The picture (which is hanging on the wall) is changing form. Elated, Lin Pingzhi exclaims, " I have found it! I have¡­" At this moment, the 2 masked men unexpectedly knock him off. One of them then flew to the rooftop and smashes the luminous tile. A cassock then gently drops down. It is none other than the widely coveted Pi Xie Swordplay Manual.

Linghu Chong fights with them and in no time, gains the upper hand. Upon being defeated, both commit suicide in the end, stubbornly refusing to reveal who sent them here. Linghu Chong picks up the cassock and is looking around when suddenly, another man dressed in black flew in. Catching Linghu Chong unaware, this anonymous man attacks from his back, knocking him unconscious.

The next day, Linghu Chong wakes up, only to find himself lying on a bed and being surrounded by familiar figures, whom are Yue Buqun and his wife, Ning Zhongze. He then relates the previous night incident to them.

Yue Lingshan rushes into the room and announces that the members of Songshan Sect have arrived. They insist that Linghu Chonghas killed 2 masters of Songshan. Yue Buqun is furious while Linghu Chong is clueless, maintaining that he does not know they belong to Songshan. Yue Buqun refuses to believe him and intends to kill him (feeling he has disgraced Huashan Sect) but is stopped by Ning Zhongze.


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