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Episode 3

The 'sitting down to fight' is actually a clever strategy devised by Linghu Chong. He immediately urges Yi Ling to grab the opportunity to escape since Tian Boguang will not be able to stand up and catch her. Seeing Linghu Chong being stabbed many times by Tian Boguang, Yi Ling is upset and leaves reluctantly. However, she soon comes back to the inn and begs them not to fight anymore. In order to end this feud which has started because of her, she tries to kill herself but is stopped by Linghu Chong in the nick of time.

After a tough fight, Tian Boguang loses the duel as he is tricked by Linghu Chong to stand up first. Nonetheless, by then, Linghu Chong is already seriously injured. Just as peace has been restored, 2 Qing Cheng Sect members barge in and demand Linghu Chong to release Lin Pingzhi. Knowing that he is in no strength to fight them, Linghu Chong purposely whispers to Yi Ling where is Pi Xie Swordplay Manual hidden. As he has expected, one of the members, Luo Renjie, who is eager to know, comes over and Linghu Chong quickly takes out a knife and kills him instantly. Lin Pingzhi, who has disguised as a dirty-looking hunchback, is there all along.

Linghu Chong is then taken back by Qu Yang for treatment at a run-down hut. The Holy Maiden suddenly appears and chided Qu Yang for not keeping his promise. Later, she helps to treat the injuries of Linghu Chong.

Meanwhile, the retirement of Liu Zhengfeng of Heng Shan Sect, has become the talk of the town. They are saying that Mo Da, the leader of Heng Shan Sect will be most happy with it as the skills of Liu Zhengfeng has surpassed him. At that moment, an old-hagged bony guy, with an er-hu in hand, passes by. As swift as lightning, he breaks the cup of one of the people with just playing the er-hu, and leaves. The people exclaim, "He is Mo Da."

On the other hand, the scarred-faced girl is teased by fellow Hua Shan members for looking so hideous. Immediately, she takes off her mask and in view, is a sweet-looking face. She is none other than Yue Lingshan, the daughter of Yue Buqun who is the leader of Hua Shan Sect. All of a sudden, a group of priestesses storm in, with Priestess Ding Yi taking the lead. They demand Linghu Chong to release Yi Ling. Upon seeing Linghu Chong is not there, they capture Yue Lingshan to confront Yue Buqun.

At the gathering in Heng Shan, Yu Canghai questions Yue Buqun about Linghu Chong and also his motives for deploying his daughter and eldest disciple to spy on Fuwei Escort Agency. Yue Buqun also discloses the matter regarding the Qing Cheng Sect trying to obliterate the Lins to get the manual. Upon the request of Yue Buqun, Priestess Ding Yi reveals to everyone the long lasting feud between the ancestor of the Lins, 'Yuan Tu Gong' and Chang Qing Zi, the ancestor of Qing Cheng Sect who was defeated by Lin Yuantu's Pi Xie Swordplay. And that Yu Canghai has been wanting to take revenge all along.

Just then, Yi Lin comes back and she openly relates what has happened to her and how Linghu Chong rescued her. At that moment, a few Qing Cheng menbers are mysteriously injured and laughter can be heard. It is Linghu Chong. Yu Canghai scrutinizes the crowd and pulls out Lin Pingzhi who has been there all along. He suspects him of being related to the hunchback, Mu Gaofeng. Lin Pingzhi does not deny all this and even praises him. Yu Canghai wants to test his skills and Lin is in great agony. Just then, Mu Gaofeng appears. Lin Pingzhi who hates Yu Canghai to the core in his heart, then kneels down and begs Mu to seek justice for him.


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