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Episode 30
Linghu Chong proceeds to the outer hall to meet the Songshan members. Lu Bai is among the confronters. Linghu Chong begins by cheekily throwing sarcastic comments at them. They are angered. In order not to implicate Huashan Sect, Linghu Chong asks to settle their personal feud outside. Moreover, he has already been expelled from Huashan thus his actions have nothing to do with this sect anymore.

Outside the manor, Linghu Chong meets the Hengshan nuns. When Songshan members attack Linghu Chong, all the nuns go to his rescue instantly by setting up the Seven Star Formation to fend off them. Priestess Dingyi then remarks to Lu Bai, "I am afraid your skills can't be compared to General Wu." Lu Bai is shocked. The truth dawns on him. "So he is¡­.." Linghu Chong then imitates the mannerisms and accent of the general again. Within moments, Lu Bai suffers a defeat at the hands of Linghu Chong. Just as he turns his target to Priestess Dingyi, Linghu Chong uses Xixin Dafa to make him retreat. Being a sore loser, Lu Bai publicly accuses Linghu Chong of mastering this evil skill and being in cahoots with Sun Moon Sect. Yue Buqun questions Linghu Chong, and in an antagonistic manner, declares publicly, that he (LHC) is now the open enemy of Huashan Sect. Priestess Dingyi speaks up for Linghu Chong, that he is a true hero, unlike the hypocritical Huashan Sect.

Lao Denuo (the second disciple of Huashan) bad-mouths Linghu Chong too. To everyone's surprise, a book, unexpectedly, falls off his clothes. It is the long lost Zixia Manual, which Yue Buqun has wrongfully accused Linghu Chong of stealing ages ago. Now, the truth is finally out. Just then, news arrive that Ren Yingying has caught Yi Lin. Linghu Chong reassures Priestess Dingyi, that given his understanding of Ren Yingying, she definitely would not harm Yi Lin. Lao Denuo seizes the chance to flee.

In the room, Yue Lingshan pours out to Lin Pingzhi, that her mind is now in a whirl with all these recent bizarre happenings, and wonder why. Lin Pingzhi answers, "Pi Xie Swordplay Manual."

Unable to get to sleep, Lin Pingzhi wakes up again. Just then, a man dressed in black flew in, seriously injures him and is going to give him the fatal blow, when noises are heard from outside. He instantly escapes.

At Songshan, Zuo Lengchan chides his followers for being incompetent. From Lao Denuo's reports, he learns that there has been an attempt on Lin Pingzhi's life. Lao Denuo is actually a spy sent by Songshan Sect to infiltrate into Huashan years ago. Zuo Lengchan then warns Lu Bai, that by tomorrow, if the Hengshan Sect is still not wiped out, then it will be his head that rolls.

Lin Pingzhi has just regained consciousness. When asked by Yue Lingshan who was the killer, Lin Pingzhi stares at Yue Buqun apprehensively and says, "It looks like Shi¡­.." Then he stops short. "Its Da Shi Xiong." Yue Lingshan furiously storms off to confront Linghu Chong. When all have left the room, Yue Buqun walks over to Lin Pingzhi and asks, "You are sure you didn't see the person who intend to take your life clearly? Is he really Linghu Chong?" Lin Pingzhi nods.

While on his way to look for Yi Lin, Linghu Chong meets Tian Boguang. In the middle of conversing on the dangers that might possibly strike Hengshan Sect, Yue Lingshan is seen galloping all the way here. Without a word first, she simply brandishes her sword at Linghu Chong, then questioning him on his motive of killing Lin Pingzhi. She firmly disbelieves his claim to innocence. They have a duel and Linghu Chong returns the dagger (supposedly love token) to her. He leaves.

Hengshan Sect has been under ambush in the forest. Linghu Chong and Tian Boguang unhesitatingly, speed to the scene. Verbally from 'Ji Bei San Xiong', Priestess Dingyi confirms that it is indeed Songshan Sect who has masterminded this intended extermination of Hengshan Sect. After successfully battling the enemies, Priestess Dingyi rushes to inform and warn Yue Buqun of Zuo Lengchan's evil scheme. Yue Buqun don't really take her words seriously but Ning Zhongze begs to differ. Before leaving, Priestess Dingyi once again puts in a few good words for Linghu Chong.

It is raining torrentially in the bamboo forest. A mysterious figure, clad in a straw coat over him and holding an umbrella, has hung the stolen cassock (Pi Xie Swordplay Manual) on 2 bamboo poles. Written in the opening sentence on the cassock are, " To master this skill, the first step is self-castration." Shocked, this mysterious figure uncontrollably takes a few backward steps. Trembling. Murmuring these few words repeatedly. Then finally laughing hysterically. The thunderous and frightening laughter echoes through the forest. Shivers are sent down the spines of Hengshan nuns who immediately go on alert.

One by one, they are killed. A dart hits Priestess Dingyi. Bleeding profusely, she glimpses her assailant. "Its you. Why?" She faints. Linghu Chong and Tian Boguang arrive. Dead bodies are lying everywhere. They find Priestess Dingyi, by the tree, seriously injured. Before she breathes her last, she passes on the leadership of Hengshan Sect to Linghu Chong.
Inside a cave in an unknown place, Ren Yingying, in a semi-conscious state calls out for Linghu Chong. Yi Lin feeds the weak Ren Yingying with water, taking care of her.

Linghu Chong, together with the remaining surviving Hengshan members and Tian Boguang, try to investigate the deaths, based on the weapons used. Linghu Chong deduces that the killer must be someone whom Priestess Dingyi knows personally for if not, with her skills, she could have dodged the last dart that claims her life. Only a familiar person could have put her off her guard.



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