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Episode 31

Ren Yingying just wakes up. She then asks Yi Lin why did she save her, when they are supposed to be enemies. Yi Lin relates to her on her complex family background (mother is a nun and father is a monk) and how she, herself takes the tonsure, upon Ren Yingying's further inquiry on why a pretty gal like her becomes a nun.

In an inn, Tian Boguang, who has been indulging in wine, beseeches the inn-helper to pass a message to Linghu Chong, to look for him at the brothel. Stepping into the room at the brothel, Linghu Chong instinctively looks away when seeing Tian Boguang, lying on the bed, surrounded by many ladies. After ordering those ladies to leave the room, Tian Boguang reveals that he is going to die and hence just wants to meet his good friend for the last time. Linghu Chong informs him this would not happen as Monk Buke Bujie is on the way now, with the antidote.

Tian Boguang clears Linghu Chong's doubts as to what's Ren Yingying motive for capturing Yi Lin. All that she has done is for the sake of Linghu Chong. Linghu Chong requests Tian Boguang to find out Ren Yingying's whereabouts but he refuses, on the excuse that he is a dying man. Once again, Linghu Chong makes a bet with him and he wins. Tian Boguang thus has to accede to Linghu Chong's request.

Monk Buke Bujie has arrived, and together with Linghu Chong, they force the antidote down Tian Boguang's throat. He has stubbornly refused to consume it.

In the bamboo forest, Ren Yingying and Yi Lin stare at each other for a long time before finally, Ren Yingying breaks the silence by expressing gratitude to her. Just as she is making a move, a voice is heard. This slightly masked man flews down, and displays his prowess by chopping the bamboos into containers to hold wine. He invites Ren Yingying to have a drink.

Using the bamboo shoots, this masked man attacks both Ren Yingying and Yi Lin. Another group of men then appears and charges at them too. Yi Lin and Ren Yingying battle them with all their might.

After a tough fight, Ren Yingying recognizes that the masked man is none other than Zuo Lengchan. Soon, she is being forced to retreat backwards under his vicious attacks, vomiting blood. Yi Lin dashes to save her but is injured as well. Just then, Monk Buke Bujie and Tian Boguang arrive. Monk Buke Bujie anxiously orders Tian Boguang to take away the injured Yi Lin first. He and Ren Yingying continue to fend off the enemies.

Carrying Yi Lin piggyback, Tian Boguang runs into Lu Bai and other Songshan members on the way. Arrows are fired at the both of them. The situation is crucial. Tian Boguang has no choice but to jump over riskily to the other side. Arrows are shot again. One unexpectedly hits Tian Boguang who is desperately attempting to dodge the incoming arrows. But he still pretends to put on a bold front, concealing his injury by purposely inciting Lu Bai and company to come over. True enough, Lu Bai and company couldn't be bothered and simply leave.

Tian Boguang collapses. Yi Lin, in sobs, plucks up her courage to pull the arrow out.

Monk Buke Bujie and Ren Yingying rush over. Tian Boguang, looking pale, is on the brink of death and Monk Buke Bujie wants to feed him with some healing pills. But its too late. He has died. Just then, Linghu Chong and the nuns, arrive too. All are saddened by Tian Boguang's death. Yi Lin, in tears, shakes him, in the hope that he would be revived.

Over at Huashan, preparations are being made for Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi's wedding. Yue Lingshan is in low spirits as she senses that ever since the trip to Fujian, Lin Pingzhi seems to have changed completely into another person. Ning Zhongze also feels the same way about Yue Buqun.

Hengshan nuns arrive at this moment, and cordially invite them to attend the coronation ceremony whereby Linghu Chong would assume leadership, at Hengshan 4 days later.

Meanwhile, at Repentance Cliff, Yue Buqun is busy mastering some invincible skills. Coincidentally, he then chances upon another cave, where skulls are lying and on the walls are some carvings. He finally understands. "Linghu Chong ah, Linghu Chong. So it is here that you have learnt your swordfighting techniques." He murmurs.

Unexpectedly, Ning Zhongze comes to the cave. Just as she enters, a strong gust of wind blows over. Yue Buqun has hastily discarded the cassock when he senses someone in the cave. This cassock falls off the cliff. Then as if nothing has happened at all, he shows Ning Zhongze what he has found out (the carvings).

At the bottom of the cliff, Lin Pingzhi is practicing his skills. Demoralized, though. With the mediocre skills at hand, how could he ever take revenge? Just as he is wallowing in despair, right before his eyes, a cassock drops gently onto the ground. It is Pi Xie Swordplay Manual. He is madly overjoyed. Upon a closer look, he reads the first verse, which reveals that self-castration is necessary in order to master the skill. Then, he reads out the verse a second time to himself, as if to make doubly sure.



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