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Episode 32

Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan are practicing their skills. Lin Pingzhi then suggests postponing the wedding, giving the reason that he has not taken revenge yet. Yue Lingshan replies sweetly that once they are married, she would still assist him in exacting revenge.

On the other hand, Linghu Chong is monitoring Hengshan nuns practicing their skills. He gives them pointers and they are amazed that he actually has such a powerful grasp of Hengshan skills.

A shout, 'Chief Linghu' is then heard. So Monk Buke Bujie has brought along wine to congratulate him. News of Linghu Chong assuming leadership of Hengshan Sect has spread far and wide. Tao Gu Liu Xian, Lan Fenghuang and others who have gone through the ordeal with Linghu Chong at Shaolin Temple in the past, have all arrived too. They reveal that it has been the Holy Maiden (Ren Yingying) who has broke the news to them. Not long, there comes another group of visitors. They are the representatives from Sun Moon Sect, sent here by order of Dongfang Bubai.

Meanwhile over at Huashan, is the big day for Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan. At the tradtitional tea ceremony where both pay respects to their elders, Yue Buqun holds a 'can't be bothered' attitude while Lin Pingzhi breaks out in cold sweat.

Messages have been conveyed to Linghu Chong that Huashan, Taishan and Songshan are not sending anyone to attend the ceremony and only Mo Da has sent a letter over. At this moment, both Abbot Fangzheng and Priest Chongxu have arrived personally to extend their congratulations to Linghu Chong.

The grand ceremony commences in the main hall.

Suddenly, Lu Bai, halts the ceremony, claiming that by the orders of Zuo Lengchan, Linghu Chong is not to assume leadership as Hengshan Sect has never been governed by males. Lu Bai raises the token flag of the 5 Range Sects to show his authority. Linghu Chong retorts by saying rules, well, can be bent at times.

All of the heretic members present suddenly rush out of the hall. The Holy Maiden has arrived. Delighted, Linghu Chong personally goes out to receive her. Once again, Lu Bai continues to make things difficult for Linghu Chong by claiming that he has broken another rule, which is associating with the evil sect. Ren Yingying swiftly uses one of her braids to snatch the token from Lu Bai and cleverly switches the token flag with another. Lu Bai is angered.

After confirmation from Yihe (one of the senior nuns) that there's no rule indicating that males are not allowed to join the sect, Linghu Chong announces that all the heretic members present are to become sect members. All cheer. Before Lu Bai exits, he passes an order to Linghu Chong that is on the 15th, all 5 sects are to assemble at Songshan to elect a leader.

Linghu Chong, Abbot Fangzheng and Priest Chongxu have a long discussion, in which the contents include the imminent merger, how the ambitious Songshan will gradually absorb one sect after another, the history of Pi Xie Swordplay Manual (its just a portion of Kuihua Baodian), how this is linked to Huashan Sect and also the feud between the 'Jian' and 'Qi' factions of Huashan Sects years ago.

Both hope and believe that with Linghu Chong's skills, he will be able to defeat Zuo Lengchan and emerge as the leader. Only when he becomes leader, will peace prevail in the pugilistic world.

Sun Moon Sect members have surrounded the place. Their aim is to capture Linghu Chong. Ren Yingying suddenly appears, and in her capacity as the Holy Maiden, she orders them to retreat. After a fire ruse planned by Ren Yingying and then intense fighting, the enemies are defeated.




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