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Episode 33
Understanding Linghu Chong's slight reservations as being the head of a group of nuns, Ren Yingying comforts him. Linghu Chong is aware that that it is all because of him that Ren Yingying orders her subordinates to join Hengshan Sect. Ren Yingying has a heart-to-heart talk with him. Before going back to Black Wood Cliff to assist her father in exacting revenge on Dongfang Bubai, she requests Linghu Chong to play the tune 'You Suo Si' for her.

On her way home, she encounters Yi Lin who asks, "Miss Ren, are you really going to leave Hengshan?" Ren Yingying merely smiles and leaves without replying.

It is the wedding night of Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan. Lin Pingzhi wakes up abruptly. After making sure that Yue Lingshan is sound asleep, he picks up his sword. Before leaving, he casts a last glance at Yue Lingshan. "Shan mei. Beloved wife. I, Lin Pingzhi, shall repay you in my next life."

In the wild. Throwing the cassock into the air. With determined resolution, Lin Pingzhi finally makes the ultimate sacrifice (castration) necessary to master the invincible Pixie Swordplay.

Early in the morning, Yue Lingshan frantically rushes to Ning Zhongze's room, after finding Lin Pingzhi missing. Ning Zongze intends to order a search but is stopped by Yue Buqun who deems this (disappearance of the groom on the wedding day) a disgrace. "Who knows", he mutters in a feminine manner. "That Lin Pingzhi has even got hold of Pixie Swordplay and might be practising it somewhere. The next time Lin Pingzhi appears, he will not be the same anymore." To Yue Buqun, the most pressing task now, is for Yue Lingshan to concentrate on learning the skills at Repentance Cliff. The date for the merger of the 5 sects is approaching. Yue Lingshan weeps uncontrollably.

Back at Hengshan Sect, Linghu Chong is torn as to whether to assist Ren Yingying in killing Dongfang Bubai since now he is the leader of Hengshan. Yi Lin advises, "As long it's not against one's conscience, there's nothing one can't do." This sentence jolts Linghu Chong to enlightenment and he decides to look for Ren Yingying.

Ren Yingying reunites with Ren Woxing and Xiang Wentian. She is feeling down till the sudden arrival of Linghu Chong. She is happy to see him again.

The 4 of them and Shangguan enter Black Wood Cliff. All of them proceed to pay respects to Dongfang Bubai. Lu Baixiong (member of Sun Moon Sect) is tied up. He defends himself against the accusations of colluding with Ren Woxing. However, Yang Lianting insists that he owe up to his misdeeds. Lu Baixiong refuses to bulge and is being carried away. He laments and wishes to hear Dongfang Bubai speak personally, instead of the indirect orders of Yang Lianting. He breaks free of the rope. Simultaneously, Ren Yingying, Linghu Chong, Ren Woxing and Xiang Wentian spring into action too. At once, the place is in chaos. Both Yang Lianting and Dongfang Bubai are caught. It is soon revealed that this Dongfang Bubai is an imposter.

A subordinate comes along, reporting the whereabouts of the real Dongfang Bubai. Yang Lianting is forced to lead the way there.

As they further approach their destination, a demure voice is heard. "Brother Lian, who have you brought along?

Ren Woxing laughs hysterically. "Have you really mastered Kuihua Baodian?" Dongfang Bubai replies nonchalantly, "Well, come in and you will know."

They enter the room. Dongfang Bubai is fondling with his hair and admiring himself in the mirror. Ren Woxing laughs at the great difference in Dongfang Bubai's looks between 12 years ago and the present. In his view, this is retribution.

Dongfang Bubai swiftly snatches his beloved Yang Lianting and is alarmed that his legs are broken now. Yang Lianting orders him to get rid of all them first, before getting intimate. Every wish of Yang Lianting is Dongfang Bubai's command. Lu Baixiong is utterly disappointed in this new Dongfang Bubai, one who is totally infatuated with Yang Lianting, and leaves sect matters unmanaged. Dongfang Bubai suddenly kills him. Blood spurts out. Dongfang Bubai then carries Yang Lianting and flew out of the room.

Ren Woxing interrogates Dongfang Bubai as to whether it is because of Kuihua Baodian that causes him to betray and harm himself. All this, Dongfang Bubai readily admits. He then praises Xiang Wentian for being a man of great caliber and envy Ren Yingying for being a woman, and such a beautiful one, somemore. Upon hearing all these 'confessions', Ren Woxing breaks into laugher again. Dongfang Bubai further claims if Linghu Chong were to die at his hands today, it would be a pity. All 4 instinctively draw out their swords, in full gear for the commencement of a great battle.



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