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Episode 34
It's time for Dongfang Bubai and Ren Woxing to settle their long accumulated differences. Ren Woxong, Xiang Wentian, Ren Yingying and Linghu Chong spring at Dongfang Bubai who displays his powerful Kuihua Baodian, embodied in the stylish manner of the combined use of needles and threads in here. Ren Woxing is put on the losing edge while Dongfang Bubai is impressed by Linghu Chong's agile use of the sword.

Each puts forth his best skills. On the other hand, to the dismay of Dongfang Bubai, Ren Yingying has killed Yang Lianting! This distracts Dongfang Bubai momentarily, hence causing him to unable avoid the stab from Linghu Chong. A needle hits Ren Woxing's left eye as he re-attempts to use his Xixin Dafa against the injured Dongfang Bubai. In the midst of the fight, Linghu Chong realizes that Dongfang Bubai is not the one who has killed Priestess Dingyi for he (DFBB) is one who dares to own up to something if it is really his doing.

The bereaved Dongfang Bubai throws the cassock (he has been wearing it all along) containing Kuihua Baodian back to its rightful owner, Ren Woxing.

Before he breathes his last, he lets out an anguish cry, "Brother Lian!" Seeing this pitiful plight, Linghu Chong lends a helping hand by using his skills to draw Dongfang Bubai to the dead Yang Lianting. The demise of Dongfang Bubai brings an end to the long time internal conflict within the Sun Moon Sect. But yet, it unexpectedly signifies the beginning of a tyrannical rule. Once Ren Woxing reassumes leadership, he cruelly orders the execution of former subordinates who has defected to Dongfang Bubai.

Linghu Chong rejects Ren Woxing's betrothal proposal. Not because he does not love Ren Yingying but because the deeds of Ren Woxing disgust and put him off. This incurs the wrath of Ren Woxing. Ren Yingying perfectly understands Linghu Chong's inner thoughts. She then escorts him out of Black Wood Cliff.

Meanwhile, Lin Pingzhi has further honed his skills. The mastery of Pixie Swordplay has changed his mannerisms and behaviour. On the other hand, over at Repentance Cave, Yue Lingshan, leading the rest of the Huashan disciples are busy practicing the skills carved on the walls.

The Five Sects Merger meeting will be held at Songshan soon. Linghu Chong declares to Ren Yingying that no matter what, he has to leave now. Casting a last longing backward glance at her, Linghu Chong then gallops off.

Yu Ji Zi, Yu Xin Zi and Yu Yin Zi (the 3 elders of Taishan Sect) have arrived at Songshan. They ensure Zuo Lengchan of their utmost support for him. If Tianmen (the leader of Taishan Sect) does not agree, they will then force him to step down. In Zuo Lengchan's view, among the 5 sects, the most worrying one, which poses the greatest threat, is Hengshan Sect.

In the inn, Tao Gu 6 Xian have been immobilized by Monk Bujie who does not want them to tag along for fear that this mischievous bunch would be a hindrance to Linghu Chong at the Songshan meeting. Ren Yingying, disguised as a man, frees them. She leaves for Songshan immediately.

Nearing Songshan premises, Hengshan and Huashan members cross paths. Linghu Chong instinctively pays respect to both Yue Buqun and Ning Zongze, and seeks their views on the merger issue. Yue Buqin reminds Linghu Chong once again, that his expulsion is purely due to his own wrongdoing, and of no fault of Huashan.

All the 5 sects, Shaolin, Wudang and Qingcheng assemble in the grand hall at Songshan. This is the day where 5 sects would merge. Zuo Lengchan begins his speech on the advantages of the merger, in particular as a united and formidable force against the heretic sect. Mo Da (leader of Hengshan), the first to object, becomes the target of attack. Zuo Lengchan rakes up the old incident regarding Liu Zhengfeng and Qu Yang to validate the accusation on Hengshan's association with the heretics, and also maligns him of killing Fei Bin (follower of Songshan) in the past.

Next to object is Tianmen (leader of Taishan). The 3 elders then collude against him and trick him into abdicating.



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