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Episode 35
Tianmen refuses to succumb to pressure. A man, appearing out of nowhere, enters the hall and reprimands him. Displeased with this intruder for interfering with the internal affairs of Taishan Sect, Tianmen starts sparring with him. Both end up dead in the end. Supporters of Tianmen suspect that it's Zuo Lengchan who has got this man in to create trouble. Zuo Lengchan denies. Yu Ji Zi, the official leader of Taishan now, pledges his fullest support to Songshan Sect.

Meanwhile, Lin Pingzhi is on his way to Songshan Sect.

3 out of the 5 sects have agreed to the merger. Zuo Lengchan falsely claims that the late Priestess Dingyi of Northern Hengshan Sect has been all for the merger. At this moment, Tao Gu Liu Xian enter and make things difficult for Zuo Lengchan by mischievously distorting Priestess Dingyi's last words, that were, they themselves (Tao Gu Liu Xian) are the ones who are supposed to assume leadership. Most of the guests laugh.

Zuo Lengchan openly expresses displeasure at how Linghu Chong allows his followers to misbehave. Linghu Chong calmly refutes, by saying that this has always been the personality of Tao Gu Liu Xian. He then further asserts that no matter what, Hengshan and Huashan shall always stay on the same line. Yue Buqun unexpectedly consents to the merger as he feels it's beneficial. He justifies by citing that the past incident on the internal conflict within Huashan, and the chaos in the pugilistic world, are all due to disunity. This shocks Linghu Chong. Knowing that Linghu Chong has always wanted to rejoin Huashan, Yue Buqun tells him that this is the best opportunity to fulfill his wish. Linghu Chong is now in a fix, as he cannot dishonour his words (regarding supporting Huashan in whatever decision it makes). Tao Gu Liu Xian, with their usual banterings, 'help' him by claiming that Linghu Chong's words are not adequate to decide the fate of Hengshan.

Zuo Lengchan reminds Linghu Chong of what he has promised and that he can't go back on his word. To Linghu Chong, every wish of Yue Buqun is his command, thus he will follow suit. Yue Buqun promises to assist him in seeking out the real killer of Priestess Dingyi.

Zuo Lengchan announces that from now on, Eastern Taishan, Southern Hengshan, Western Huashan, Northern Hengshan and Central Songshan shall cease to exist, and will be replaced by a single name, Five Ranger Sect.

Tao Gu Liu Xian make fun of Lu Bai's mistake in still addressing Linghu Chong as Chief Linghu, that he plans to elect Linghu Chong as the new leader. This flusters Lu Bai.

Everyone has differing views as to who should be the new leader. Tao Gu Liu Xian suggest duels as the solution. Yu Ji Zi accepts the challenge. From Tao Gu Liu Xian, it is learnt that Yu Ji Zi has supposedly received some benefits (3000 taels of gold and 4 beauties) from 'someone'. Just as they are sparring, Zuo Lengchan suddenly flews out of his seat, and chops off Yu Ji Zi 's leg with a swift movement of his sword. Linghu Chong wants to speak up but is stopped by Monk Bujie.

Just then, Linghu Chong notices the presence of the disguised Ren Yingying in the crowd. She subtlety signals him not to approach her upon seeing him intending to do so.

Linghu Chong proposes to let Yue Buqun be the new leader who suggests the best way is to pit skills. Zuo Lengchan orders all of them to proceed for the matches at Fengshan Tai.

The first match is between Yu Yin Zi and Yue Lingshan who declares to Zuo Lengchan that unless Songshan can use the skills of the remaining 4 sects to defeat them, or else Huashan will never bow to him. Meanwhile, Lin Pingzhi has arrived.

Yue Lingshan surprises everyone by using the own skills of Taishan to defeat its 2 elders. Similarly, she then defeats Mo Da of Southern Hengshan by using their skills too. Linghu Chong is the next to accept the challenge. Both go all the way out to win. However, the display of Chongling Swordplay (which they used to practice together) causes Linghu Chong to lose his concentration. Being distracted, he allows himself to take a stab from Yue Lingshan. He openly declares that Yue Lingshan is the winner. Just then, Yue Lingshan sees Lin Pingzhi and is elated. Linghu Chong assures (through expression) Ren Yingying that his injury is nothing serious.

Before the final duel between Yue Buqun and Zuo Lengchan, Yue Buqun reiterates that no matter what is the outcome, no one is to seek revenge on the winning party as this would damage the cordial relations amongst all. The final duel, which shall determine the ultimate leader, commences. At the critical moment, Lu Bai joins in but is instantly killed. After an intense duel, eventually, Yue Buqun wins by first blinding Zuo Lengchan, and then ends his life with some fatal blows. It dawns on Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying that Yue Buqun has mastered a portion of Kuihua Baodian. (Pi Xie Swordplay)

Ning Zhongze finally understands Yue Buqun's real ambitions, and is upset.


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