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Episode 36
This day has been like a dream, Ren Yingying comments. All the so-called righteous heroes are merely wolves in sheep's clothing. She knows that Linghu Chong could have easily won the match but yet, gives up the opportunity himself.

All stand up. Lin Pingzhi announces that he has made an appointment with someone, who turns out to be Yu Canghai. Yu Canghai jeers at him by remarking that what kind of father in law will have the same kind of son in law. They have been long time foes. The atmosphere is tense. Within seconds, Yu Canghai loses. "Another Dongfang Bubai", Ren Yingying remarks. Yue Lingshan arrives and prohibits Lin Pingzhi from killing Yu Canghai as he is also considered a guest here. She later apologizes to Linghu Chong that injuring him has not been out of her free will. Linghu Chong tells her to take care.

Both Ren Yingying and Linghu Chong agree that it's not appropriate for them to stay on any longer at Songshan. Linghu Chong orders all to leave.

On the other hand, Tao Gu Liu Xian waylay Yue Lingshan, with the intention of teaching her a lesson for injuring Linghu Chong, and hence causing Ren Yingying grief. Unexpectedly, Yue Buqun arrives and blocks their acupoints. From them, Yue Buqun learns that the Holy Maiden of Sun Moon Sect, Ren Yingying is at Songshan too. He then sets free one of them to let him pass the word to Linghu Chong to come down personally, if he wants to save the remaining 5.

To save Tao Gu Liu Xian and also thinking that Ren Yingying has been captured, Linghu Chong looks for Yue Buqun. He forces him to kneel down in front of him. Upon interrogation, Linghu Chong expresses that Ren Yingying and he truly love each other and moreover, Ren Yingying has grown tired of life at the heretic sect. Tao Gu Liu Xian (who have been released earlier) rush in to save Ren Yingying. To Yue Buqun's shock, the person captured is not Ren Yingying but Yi Lin in disguise.

Meanwhile, Ning Zhongze urges Yue Lingshan to go as far as possible after locating Lin Pingzhi, and never to come back again.

After going through all these, in Linghu Chong's mind, all the so-called regulations and rules are merely bullshit. One should simply let his heart rule and does what he likes.

Linghu Chong, Ren Yingying and company meet Yu Canghai, Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan on the way. Lin Pingzhi says sarcastically, " Yu Canghai, you know, I won't spare your life. Why don't you escape?" Since Yu Canghai has always had ill designs on the Lins' Pixie Swordplay, today, he, Lin Pingzhi shall display stroke by stroke just for him to admire. Lin Pingzhi's swift and electric use of the sword amaze Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying. After defeating Yu Canghai again, Lin Pingzhi simply rides away.

One of Huashan's followers has been killed. From the wound, Yue Buqun suspects the culprit is Lin Pingzhi.

Meanwhile, Lin Pingzhi waylays Yu Canghai again. Infuriated with Lin Pingzhi for trailing him like a shadow, Yu Canghai attacks him. As calm as ever, Lin Pingzhi kills most of his followers like a breeze. In the midst of the confusion, Yu Canghai seizes the chance to escape. Yue Lingshan is having trouble dealing with some of the Qingcheng members but Lin Pingzhi couldn't be bothered to help her. Aware of Linghu Chong's anxiety and also understanding that it's not convenient for him to rescue Yue Lingshan personally, Ren Yingying lends a helping hand.

Yue Lingshan hurriedly gallops after the man on the horse (thinking that he is Lin Pingzhi) however ends up being captured by him. So he is not Lin Pingzhi but Mu Gao Feng.

All arrive at another inn-hut. Lin Pingzhi is here again, trailing Yu Canghai all the way. He verbally insults Qingcheng members. At that moment, both Mu Gaofeng and Yue Lingshan arrive too. Upon seeing another long time foe (Mu Gaofeng was the one who killed his parents and humiliated him), Lin Pingzhi invites him to have a taste of Pi Xie Swordplay too. But if he is willing to kneel down, he might consider letting him off.

All the Qingcheng members, including Yu Canghai, and Mu Gaofeng attack Lin Pingzhi simultaneously. After the pitting of skills, finally, Lin Pingzhi kills Mu Gaofeng and Yu Canghai. At this moment, green liquid spurts out of Yu Canghai's body and splash on Lin Pingzhi's eyes. He is now blinded! However, he is simply too ecstatic that at last, he has killed both enemies to bother about the eye injury. He refuses to accept the healing cream offered by Linghu Chong. He then openly hurls abuse at Yue Buqun for being such a hypocrite and further accuses both father and daughter of plotting against him all along. Yue Lingshan tearfully vows that her love for him is genuine. No matter what happens to him, she shall always stay by his side. Both leave the place, with Yue Lingshan leading the injured Lin Pingzhi away.

All these happenings (killings, revenge, quest for power) disillusion Linghu Chong. Concerned about Yue Lingshan's safely, Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying decide to follow her.

Meanwhile, Ren Woxing has learnt of all the events that took place at Songshan. Xiang Wentian surmises that Yue Buqun must have mastered Pi Xie Swordplay too as apparently, at the match, he has not used his own Huashan skills. Ren Woxing says, "Its not too late for me to do the things that I have left unfinished 12 years ago." Taken aback, Xiang Wentian asks, " Chief, what do you want to do?" The reply is, " You go and ask them." Ren Woxing points to a direction.



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