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Episode 5

Linghu Chong, Yue Lingshan and Yi Lin are inside the hut when unexpectedly, in fact Songshan members have been awaiting in ambush all along. As a result, the two girls are also taken prisoners. Later, to their surprise, The Holy Maiden appears and releases them. Her main aim in doing this is to get the supposedly No. 1 music score penned by Qu Yang.

Yue Lingshan leads the way in luring the Songshan members away while Linghu Chong and Yi Lin seize the chance to go to look for Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng.

On the other hand, after much effort, Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng finally succeed in composing the song and decide to name it, 'Xiao Ao Jiang Hu.' With Liu Zhengfeng playing the qin (zither) and Qu Yang blowing the xiao on the mountain, the most beautiful music can be heard. Linghu Chong and Yi Lin, who have arrived, are mesmerized by the tune. So is The Holy Maiden. Standing on the other side of the cliff, she is equally engrossed in the music.

At this moment, Songshan members are on their way to attack Qu and Liu. The Holy Maiden is furious with them for spoiling the tranquility and attempts to stop them. She kills all of them. Meanwhile, Linghu Chong, who suddenly faints is taken back to the hut. All of sudden, Fei Bin, a Songshan member appears in front of the hut, wanting to take the life of Liu Zhengfeng. Feifei, the granddaughter of Qu Yang, tries to protect them against the enemy, however is killed by Fei Bin. Qu Yang is devastated and together with Linghu Chong and Liu Zhengfeng, they join forces to fight Fei Bin so as to take revenge.

Just as this fight is at the most intense level, an old guy passes by them. It is Mo Da. He plays the er-hu and walks by Fei Bin in a nonchalant manner. All of a sudden, blood gushes out of Fei Bin's abdomen. He has died. Linghu Chong and company, in shock, turn to look at Mo Da who merely mutters, "Those who kill children, must die."

They mourn the death of Feifei. Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng, knowing that they themselves are unable to live much longer, hand the music score to Linghu Chong, asking him to pass it to a person who is versed in music in future. With these last words, they depart from the world peacefully.

Linghu Chong comes to a run down house and sees Mu Gaofeng inside. Mu has taken Lin Zhengnan and wife prisoners and forces them to reveal the whereabouts of Pi Xie Swordplay Manual. But Lin insists that for generations, the Pi Xie Sworplay has been passed down by mouth only. Mu is angry and wants to kill them. However, he runs away upon hearing from Linghu Chong that Yue Buqun wants to invite him. It is actually a small trick by Linghu Chong to save the Lins. The Lins are grateful to Linghu Chong and believing he is one to be trusted, they tell him to pass messages to Lin Pingzhi. The messages are to look for the ancestors' belonging in the old house at Xiangyang Lane, to join Huashan Sect and to take revenge for Fuwei Escort Agency. Linghu Chong agrees. With these, the Lins pass away.

Lin Pingzhi is utterly depressed over his parents' deaths. He beseeches Yue Buqun to take him in. Initially, Yue Buqun is a bit hesitant, however later upon the persistent requests of Linghu Chong, Yue Lingshan and Priestess Dingyi, he agrees.



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