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Episode 6

Lin Pingzhi is now officially a member of Huashan Sect. Lu Bai of Songshan Sect purposely comes to 'congratulate' Yue Buqun, saying in a sarcastic manner, that with so many people vying for Lin Pingzhi, in the end, it is still "jun zi jian", who gets him.

Linghu Chong tells Yue Buqun that the dead Lins have some messages for Lin Pingzhi but Yue says these are personal messages and that he should relate to Lin Pingzhi alone only. Yue, being upset with Linghu Chong's actions the last few days, commands him to do some reflection on his own and that he will be duly punished when back to Huashan.

In the town, Yue Buqun can feel a strong sense of murder and truly, many mysterious killings take place. Yue instructs everyone to be on the watch. On the other hand, Lu Bai tries to persuade Yue Buqun to agree to the merger of the 5 sects, but to no avail.

Seeing that Lin Pingzhi is always so moody, Yue Lingshan decides to cheer him up by taking him to town to enjoy himself. On the way, they are separated as Yue Lingshan goes to to chase after the baddies (Songshan members) who have harassed her in public. A fortune-teller (also a member of Songshan) then tries to seize the opportunity to trick Lin Pingzhi into going back with him but luckily, Yue Buqun appears in nick of time.

Yue Lingshan, Lin Pingzhi and Liu Hou are suddenly attacked by a group of people donning Sun Moon Sect attires. Unexpectedly, a swordsman comes to save them and as a result, Yue Lingshan and company is able to escape. This person, after killing all the people, goes to report to The Holy Maiden. It has been found out that Songshan members have been impersonating as followers of the Sun Moon Sect to commit crimes. The Holy Maiden is furious and at this moment, a follower hastily comes to convey a message that is, Songshan Sect, Qingcheng Sect and Huashan Sect are now fighting for Lin Pingzhi on the shore.

The followers of the 3 sects are having a bitter fight, especially between Yu Canghai and Lu Bai. Knowing that he is no match for them, Linghu Chong wittingly set fire to his boat and rowed the boat towards the enemies' boats. As a result, a huge fire ensued. The Holy Maiden also appears and helps to save Lin Pingzhi. Lin Pingzhi is then successfully rescued. Yue Buqun begins to doubt the purpose of the appearance of the evil sect in the vicinity.

Lu Bai, having suffered a defeat, goes back to Songshan, to seek forgiveness from Zuo Lengchan. Zuo Lengchan is upset that so many Songshan members have being killed. He also suspects that Fei Bin's death is related to Yue Buqun, unaware of the fact that it is actually Mo Da who has killed him. Zuo Lengchan then instructs Lu Bai to do three missions.


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