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Episode 7

Back at Huashan, Ning Zhongzhe is displaying her graceful skills. Linghu Chong mischievously cracks some jokes regarding her skills and this sent everyone at the scene all laughing non-stop.

In the hall, Yue Buqun demands Linghu Chong to read out the 7 rules of Huashan. He has broken the 6th rule. Linghu Chong is then punished to stay on the, "Repentance Cliff (Si Guo Ya) for one year. Yue Lingshan tries to defend Linghu Chong but to no avail. Yue Lingshan is terribly upset over this. Before Linghu Chong leaves for the cliff, Yue Lingshan comes to look for him, unable to control her tears and hugs him. Linghu Chong tries to console and cheer her up.

Yue Lingshan then hands over a dagger (there is a pair) to Linghu Chong, symbolizing love. Linghu Chong is touched. They practise the Chonglin Swordplay once again. On the other hand, at Songshan Sect, Fei Bin's body has been taken back and they deduce from the wound that the killer is Mo Da. Zuo Lengshan is aware of the fact that it will be some time away before the 5 sects can finally merge. Nan Yue Hengshan has already posed no threat with the death of Liu Zhengfeng and disappearance of Mo Da. What are thorns in the flesh are Hengshan Sect and Huashan Sect, especially the latter. He then instructs Lu Bai to find the descendants of the jian faction of Huashan, so as to dig out the conflict between the jian and qi factions 25 years ago.

The Songshan Sect manages to invite Yu Ji Zi of Taishan and tries to win him over by preying on his weakness. He is a flirtatious person. In this case, Taishan will be under the control of Songshan.

Yue Lingshan chides Lin Pingzhi for being useless while practising martial skills with him. Her mind is on Linghu Chong. Then she leaves Lin Pingzhi on his own and goes secretly to look for Linghu Chong on the cliff. They spend sweet moments chatting together.

On the other hand, Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongzhe realize that someone has been to the back mountains of Huashan. They suspect it's a scheme hatched by Zuo Lengchan. He is trying to create turmoil in Huashan by re-opening the dispute between the 2 factions 25 years ago. Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongzhe are thinking of passing the leadership to Linghu Chong in the future. They hope that staying on the Repentance Cliff for 1 year can help in moulding his character.

Lu Bai has travelled all the way to the back mountains of Huashan. There, he sees a man in black, sitting by the river. Thinking that he is the descendant of the jian faction, he greets him. However, the man turns around and it is Yue Buqun. Lu Bai then feels awkward, trying to give excuses for his purpose in coming here.



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