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Episode 8

Yue Lingshan goes to look for Linghu Chong again but is stopped by Yue Buqun on the way. Yue Buqun punishes her by forbidding her to go to the Repentance Cliff for 1 year and orders her to concentrate on learning Yu Nu 19 Swords from Ning Zhongzhe.

On the other hand, Zuo Lengchan has received news of Linghu Chong's punishment from the spies stationed at Huashan. He is puzzled by this move of Yue Buqun but nonetheless his main concern is still Lin Pingzhi and the Pixie Swordplay Manual. At Huashan, Yue Lingshan, Lin Pingzhi and fellow members are all training hard. Winter is coming soon… Yue Lingshan is worried about Linghu Chong. Yue Buqun says that he has pinned his hopes on both of them, thus, at present it is important to polish their skills first. Affairs of the heart can wait.

Lin Pingzhi has become Yue Lingshan's sparring partner. Huashan members, upon seeing his weak skills, jeer at him. He feels insulted and vows to practise hard. Meanwhile, it has been sometime since Yue Lingshan last visited Linghu Chong and he feels sad. Liu-hou reminds Yue Lingshan to visit him. Yue Lingshan goes to Repentance Cliff again to send him food and clothing but on the way she falls down. Linghu Chong is thrilled at the sight of her but advises her not to risk her life in this way…. They chat happily…

Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan practise together day and night. On an occasion, a handkerchief accidentally drops from Lin Pingzhi's clothes and Yue Lingshan recognizes it as hers. Lin Pingzhi says Yue Lingshan is her benefactor. If not for her, he would have died at the inn. Their relationship takes a further step…. Yue Lingshan goes to Repentance Cliff again to practise martial arts with Linghu Chong. However, while countering her strokes, Linghu Chong accidentally throws her sword down the cliff. Yue Lingshan is furious as it is precious to her. Linghu Chong is upset. He explores the cliff and comes across the name, Feng Qingyang.

Lin Pingzhi suddenly disappears. All Huashan members are looking high and low for him. Yue Lingshan manages to find him and scolded him. However when she realizes that he is searching for her lost-sword, she is so touched. As time passes by, they grow closer and Lin Pingzhi sings a Fujian folksong which attracts her.

On the other hand, Linghu Chong is feeling lonely on the cliff and feels neglected. He begins to practise skills. However, suddenly, an old guy appears and spars with him. Linghu Chong is taken by surprise and deduces this person must be an elder of Huashan Sect.


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