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Episode 9

It has been almost a year since Lin Pingzhi came. Liu Hou hints to Yue Lingshan that she has not visited Linghu Chong for 18 days. Together, they go up the cliff. Nonetheless, Yue Lingshan begins to distance herself from him and all she does is talking about Lin Pingzhi non- stop. Linghu Chong can sense they have drifted apart.

Linghu Chong begins practising his skills when he accidentally chances upon a remote opening. This opening leads to a hidden cave. Out of curiosity, he enters and sees many skulls as well as carvings on the stone walls. To his surprise, all the carvings on the wall are methods to counter the skills of the 5 sects.

Meanwhile, Songshan Sect has found 2 descendants of the jian faction of Huashan. They are Feng Buping and Cheng Buyou, both of whom are given an immediate warm welcome upon arrival at Songshan. With Zuo Lengchan taking the lead, they begin to hatch a plot to kill Yue Buqun and seize the leadership back from him.

On the other hand, Linghu Chong is still busy exploring the carvings on the walls. Finding it unbelievable, he begins to try out the strokes. All of a sudden, he hears laughter. While trying to trace the source of the laughter, Liu Hou arrives and tells him that Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongzhe have come up the cliff, with the intention of imparting Zixia Shengong to him. While sparring with Linghu Chong to test his skills, Ning Zhongzhe realizes that there is great improvement, Yue Buqun can sense that his strokes have become quick and fast. He recognizes that the skills Linghu Chong displays belong to the jian faction. In front of all the Huashan disciples, he starts to relate the feud between the 2 factions and the bitter fight on Yu Nu Peak 25 years ago. The jian faction was defeated. Yue Buqun then warns Linghu Chong not to continue learning the skills for it will eventually lead to self-destruction. Linghu Chong then asks for forgiveness.

Tian Boguang, carrying jars of wine, after much effort, arrives on the cliff. Linghu Chong and Tian Boguang then drink heartily and chat together. However after giving Tian Boguang a toast, Linghu Chong suddenly kicks the remaining jars down the cliff. Tian Boguang is surprised by this sudden action. Linghu Chong explains that the toast is to show his respect for him but nonetheless, it is still better that they keep a distance given the bad status of Tian Boguang

Tian Boguang then finally reveals his real purpose in coming here is to bring him away for Yi Lin misses him. LHC expresses a bit of shock initially, but mischievously says no matter whom wants him to leave, even it is the Jade Emperor, he will not move. Desperate, Tian Boguang suggests a fight. The loser has to listen to the winner but Linghu Chong still does not budge. Tian Boguang attacks Linghu Chong and in less than 30 strokes, Linghu Chong is defeated. But he still refuses to leave with him for he has mentioned earlier that whatever the outcome is, his decision is final. In actual fact, Tian Boguang has been poisoned and the only way to get the antidote is to bring Linghu Chong down.

To prepare for another fight, Linghu Chong then goes back to the cave to study the strokes. However, in the 2nd round, he still loses. Then Feng Qingyang suddenly appears and gives him pointers. Nonetheless, Linghu Chong still loses. Feng Qingyang then chides him for not being flexible enough in his strokes. Linghu Chong then understands the meaning.


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