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Lin Ping Zhi


Background on XAJH 2001

The young master of Fuwei Escort Agency, the only heir to the widely coveted Pi Xie Swordplay Manual. A fine-looking gentleman, with a sense of righteousness. But it's precisely because of this sense of righteousness that gets him into trouble. He accidentally kills the son of Yu Canghai. As a result, the Fuwei Escort Agency was obliterated in one night by Qingcheng Sect. Later, he is accepted as a disciple of Huashan by Yue Buqun. Little does he know, YBQ also has designs on the manual.

It is due to all the happenings that strike him which results in his quest for revenge. In his mind, there is nothing but revenge. As a result, his character takes a drastic change and begins to distrust everyone, including Yue Lingshan, who loves him so deeply.

After mastering the Pi Xie Swordplay, he killed Yu Canghai and Mu Gaofeng but is blinded in the process. To prove his loyalty, he even kills Yue Lingshan, showing no remorse at all.

He is ruthless but in a certain way, he is quite pitiful too. If not because of what has happened to his family, he would not have been blinded by revenge and thus turns out this way.

"Lin Ping Zhi - a pitiful guy whom has been blinded by hatred"

His girlie face is convincing, as he was described in the book. And, his portrayal of 'feminine LPZ' is just as perfect as his appearance.

Actor's Profile

Name: Li Jie
Age : 25
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Status: Still studying (the movie academy of Beijing)
Hobbies: Reading, listening to songs
Fav Sport: Swimming

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