The Beginning of True Love
Part 1

Here are the most precious moments of Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying by Li Yapeng and Xu Qing!!^_^

Episode 14

In the Bamboo Hut, where LHC regarded RYY as Po-po as he hasn't seen her true face at all. Here, he felt at ease and would pour out whatever woes he had to her who would never fail to give him consolence.

An unusual way of acquaintance. Call it fate, call it destiny.

Episode 18

At Wu Ba Gang, everyone has dispersed, leaving poor LHC alone on the hill. Was in low spirts when suddenly the mesmerizing singing of Po-po lifted his spirits... (Hear what he says while she was playing the zither...)

All this while, I have been thinking of you and Lu Zu Wen. The happy times in the Bamboo Hut. I have even dreamt of Po-po. If not for the desire to see Po-po again, LHC might have...might have...

He continues to pour out his troubles, loneliness etc.


LHC is escorting Po-po. Po-po warns him not to turn back to look at her but mischievous LHC, a few times, tried to look at her.

LHC: (smiles)So hard to catch a glimpse of Po-po!
Po-po (RYY): You promise not to see. A man must honour his words.
LHC: Yes! A man must honour his words!


LHC: Shen-gu! You are Shen-gu!
RYY: I am Shen-gu. So what!
LHC: You lied to me!
RYY: I didn't! You were the one who called me Po-po first.

LHC: I am so gullible! I should have expected that you are the one who asked Zu Qianqiu and the old guy to look for me. To make my shifu suspect me. You have already gotten the music score. Why do you still want to frame me?
RYY: I didn't!
LHC: You did!

Heartwrenching moments for both... as well as viewers.

Episode 19

LHC: I missed the Po-po in the Bamboo Hut.
RYY: No Po-po!
LHC: Yes! There is! That Po-po treats me very well.
RYY: She treats you well! I do not treat you well!
(LHC begins to leave...)
RYY: You can't leave! You promise to protect me. Moreover if you leave Wu Ba Gang, they will kill you.
LHC: Isn't that what you want?


(RYY, unable to control her emotions dashed over to hug LHC.)

RYY (in tears): Why do you want to force me? Force me to say out! I passed the message, ordering them to kill you is to make you don't leave me. To stay by my side forever! ...

Then they hugged each other even more tightly. A sweet scene.


LHC and RYY having frogs by the river at night. They're having a sweet and happy conversation.

LHC: Po-po, I still don't know your name.
(RYY merely smiles.)
LHC: Don't wish to say? Then I will have to continue to call you Po-po.
(Then, he goes, "Po-po, Old Po-po, Po-po...)
(RYY could not stand it and covered her ears.)
RYY: Yingying! I am called Yingying.
LHC: Yingying?
(Then, LHC looks up at the sky)

(RYY was puzzled and asked what is he doing?)
LHC: Looking at the stars! To see which star has fallen. Then I will know which star you belong to.
(RYY then beats him, of course you know, in those gentle manner)
RYY: Detestable! Rubbish! So the innocent, goody-guy side of you has been an act?
LHC: Facing a 100 year-old Po-po, how can I not behave myself?


LHC and RYY teasing each other on the way to the Bamboo hut. Where RYY pretends to be Po-po again and commands LHC to hold her. When LHC plays along with her, she mischeviously pushed him away lightly.

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