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Yue Ling Shan


Background on XAJH 2001

The only daughter of Yue Buqun, chief of Huashan Sect. A vivacious, fun-loving and sweet looking young girl. Gets along well with all her fellow members, especially Linghu Chong. They grow up together, thus are childhood sweethearts.

Under the orders of her father, she goes to Fujian to gather information on Fuwei Escort Agency. It is here that she gets to know Lin Pingzhi, her saviour in the inn. Soon, she develops feelings for him and begins to distance herself from Linghu Chong. For she realizes that she only treats LHC like a brother.

She may be a bit heartless to forsake such a good guy like Linghu Chong for another person. Well, honestly speaking, she is a pitiful person. The person who loves her isn't the one she loves, and the person she loves brings her lifelong misery and even kills her. One thing admirable about her is that she remains faithful to LPZ 'till the end. Even when LPZ kills her, she does not blame him and even asks LHC to take care of him. She could have chosen to go back to LHC but she didn't. She still chose her husband. Has never regretted her decision all along.

"Yue Lingshan - a tragic and devoted person"

Her wig (when she was still unmarried) looks fake and didn't suit her head really well. Other than that...she's just as perfect as she can be as Yue Lingshan. Appearance and portrayal!^^

Actor's Profile

Name: Miao Yiyi
Age : 26
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Education Level: A degree holder in Economics
Languages: English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese


  • Mother is a famous figure by the name of Yao Yun.
  • Father is of mixed blood (Jap - Chinese)

? - Qin Keqin Zhi Si
? - Wu Zetian
? - An Chui Gen (A Korean show)
? - Lei Sa Taipei (Movie)

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