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These are all articles(translated and not) that related to the serial Xiao Ao Jiang Hu - CCTV 2001. The one on top is written in the most recent date.

Jin Yong later mentioned that the media have blown the issue out of proportion, in terms of him not liking the CCTV production, and that in retrospect he might have reserved or rephrased some of the comments he made. He said CCTV had agreed not to make any changes as part of the conditions for the copyright, cos JY apparently REALLY wanted to have a truly faithful SOD made. But in the end the changes were made and he was displeased that CCTV did not keep to their word. But he did say that he has let the issue go after becoming friends with the CCTV crews, and is actually a little sorry that because of his comments and the media, the entire show was criticised more harshly that it deserves to be.

source from Erv

Due to Xiao Ao Jiang Hu rerun on TVBS(Taiwan TV station), the Mainland actor, Li Yapeng was invited once again to attend an interview session with the journalists.

In that opportunity, the TV station crews invited two Pinlang Xishi(s). Li Yapeng admit that his impression on Pinlang Xishi is way different from what he has imagined. "They are similar with those hot girls in the disco pub back in Mainland," the Linghu Chong portrayer explained.

Li Yapeng who succeed in playing the role as Linghu Chong was confirmed to have another contract soon with CCTV to make another Jin Yong adaptation serial, Legend of The Condor Heroes. Li Yapeng will portray Guo Jing character. The production crews of LOCH will be the same crews who have produced Xiao Ao Jiang Hu with the same producer also, Zhang Jizhong. Hopefully, LOCH crews will start shooting in Mongolia on August 5th, 2001.

On his last visit in Taiwan, May 2001 ago, Li Yapeng didn't have the chance to see Pinlang Xishi that have made him curious, that's why TVBS now managed them to meet him so Li Yapeng's knowledge gets wider ^_~

written by Pangesti, translated by Yanie, taken from Satu Lelaki.

Yi Tian Tu Long Ji Will Be Produce Colossally in Mainland

According to a believable source, it is confirmed that a film(movie) company in Mainland, succeed in buying the rights for HK$ 700.000 from Jin Yong to make the movie, "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji". If this happen, then 'Yi Tian' will be the 5th JY novel that made as an adaptation in Mainland.

Ever since CCTV(Beijing) broadcasted Jin Yong's Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, it has been a hit and very success in Mainland. Recently, besides discussing who's gonna be the actors and actresses in LOCH, some other Jin Yong works, will also be produced. Xia Ke Xing(Hap Hak Hang), basically is ready to be produce. Lian Cheng Jue(Lin Sing Kuet) is starting to recruit the crews.

This Jin Yong work have also been adapted to TV series many times. The most popular one may be the 1970s TVB production starring Adam Cheng. Tony Leung have also achieved big success through the same novel adaptation in 1980s. Recently, TVB have also produced another adaptation in the year 2000 starred by two veteran actor/actress, Damian Lau and Michelle Mei Suet.

The Taiwanese actor, Steven Ma Jingtao, have also portrayed Zhang Wuji(Cheung Mo Kei) along with Cecilia Yip in HSDS Taiwan production. In the movie, Jet Li have also portrayed Cheung Mo Kei with Sharla Cheung Man as Chiu Ming(Zhao Min).

written by Pangesti, translated by Yanie, taken from Satu Lelaki.

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Will Be Broadcast in Hongkong Soon

At last, ancient serial fans in Hongkong are able to watch the new adaptation of Xiao Ao Jiang Hu.

This CCTV production serial will be broadcast by TVB, who has signed the contract with CCTV May 14th ago and this serial starring Li Yapeng will be broadcast around June 2001.

In Mainland, this colossal serial frequently mentioned as the serial that achieved equally success as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. This serial achieved a big success when it was broadcast in Taiwan. The actor, Li Yapeng, while on his visit to Taiwan a week ago have merry welcome from the Taiwan public. It seems, one praise sentence from Jin Yong who came directly to the shooting location made this first serial from 14 Jin Yong novels that will be adapted by CCTV, become a hit in Taiwan. Whereas, Taiwan was actually have produced another adaptation before, starring Richie Ren. MediaCorp(formerly known as TCS, Singapore) have also produced an adaptation with Steven Ma Jingtao, a Taiwanese actor, as the main star.

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu broadcast rights is also confirmed have been sold to a number of country in South East Asia, like Malaysia, Singapore and soon Indonesia.

written by Pangesti, translated by Yanie, taken from Satu Lelaki.

"I am Ling Hu Chong, Ling Hu Chong is me". That's what Li Yapeng have said to himself for the past 6 months during the shooting of Jin Yong series, Xiao Ao Jiang Hu. But, after the shooting ends, this Mainland star sometimes forgotten that he's not the unbeatable Ling Hu Chong, as he's actually Li Yapeng that doesn't know any kungfu.
Recently, the journalist who met Li Yapeng coincidentally when he was attending a TV station show, "Pin Tou Lun Zhu", feels Li Yapeng is still acting like Ling Hu Chong.
"Picture this, for 168 days I have to portray this character, everyday I look on the mirror, I see only Ling Hu Chong. If Ling Hu Chong is me, than who am I?" he asked. For 6 months, Li Yapeng only sleep for 3 hours a day.
"Frankly, Ling Hu Chong has effect me very much," Yapeng said. "Actually, I'm a serious guy. But I have to play a mischevious and ridiculous character which the total opposite of me."
Li Yapeng remember how Jin Yong gave him some advice. When he arrived on the shooting location, he didn't really pay attention to details. That's why, when Jin Yong visited the location, he gave Yapeng advice on how to understand the character.
"Jin Yong said, to be not too serious, I have to make up three jokes everyday before start shooting, how can I ever do that?" Yapeng said. But the hard effort Li Yapeng had done, pays off, as he did portray the role well. His closest friend is even pretty confused with Li Yapeng talking style after he portrayed Ling Hu Chong. "My friend said, 'when did he ever start talking like this?'"

written by Pangesti, translated by Yanie, taken from Satu Lelaki.

Li Yapeng Visiting Taiwan

The Mainland star, Li Yapeng, this weekend will visit Taipei to attend an autograph session. Unfortunately, the autograph session that will take place at Hsi Men Ting area is cancelled, because of the hurricane that attacked Taipei.

Li Yapeng visited Taipei to promote his newest serial, Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, adapted from one of Jin Yong best novel. When he got the opportunity to look around Taipei, Li Yapeng was invited to visit Gugong Buwuguan or Taipei National Palace Museum. On the way, Li Yapeng saw Grand Hotel(Yuan Shan Fandian), a classic hotel with a Ming Dynasty architecture style. He immediately thought the hotel that was once owned by Song Mei Ling, the late Taiwan first president(Chiang Kai Shek)'s widow, as the museum he's going to visit. He was surprised when he know that the building is a hotel.

In National Palace Museum, Li Yapeng who came with another Xiao Ao Jiang Hu's star, Wei Zi(Yue Buqun), buy up lots of souvenirs, including Emperor Tang Tai Zong's painting. Wei Zi said, the atmosphere in Taipei National Palace Museum is different with Forbidden City National Palace Museum in Beijing. These two museums are actually closely connected. Most of the collections that being kept in Taipei National Palace Museum are formerly the Forbidden City National Palace Museum's collections. Those collections are being moved to Taipei by Chiang Kai Shek followed by Nationalist government's overshadowed by the Comunist government with Mao Zidong as the leader.

written by Pangesti, translated by Yanie, taken from Satu Lelaki.

In a recent interview, Jin Yong praised the CCTV's production of SOD (casts and efforts made by the crew), but was disappointed with the script because too many changes were made (he went on to describe a few scenes). He said that his favourite adaptations are TVB's LOCH, ROCH and ROMANCE OF THE BOOK & SWORD.

source from Phoenix

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