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Welcome to the Multimedia section...for now, we only have sound clips...but we are planning to have some RealVideo files here in the future. So, be patient for that!^^ The stars (*) indicates how much worth the clip is to be download. Five stars is the highest ^_^

File Download Description Length Size
Xiao Ao Jiang Hu (Ending Themesong) Themesong of the serial!! Entitled "Xiao Ao Jiang Hu". The fast part is very up-beat and very heroic. The romantic slow part is also great. Sung by Liu Huan and HK pop diva, Faye Wong!
3 mins 19 secs 407 KB
Ren Xin Wu Qiong Da An up-beat song sung by Liu Huan. Usually, for fighting background song. Also used for the final battle between Linghu Chong and Yue Buqun.
1 min 42 secs 210 KB
Tian Di Zuo He A slow ballad song, sung by Song Zu Ying. Usually used for romantic or serious or sad scene.
3 mins 9 secs 388 KB
Bu Zai Qi Zhong Bu Liu Lei Slow ballad song, sung by Song Zu Ying. The instrumental version often heard along the series, but the original one(with vocals), appeared as a background song in Yue Ling Shan's death scene.
1 min 32 secs 190 KB
You Suo Si Another slow song sung by Wang Yan Qing. This one also appeared in the very last scene of the serial.
1 min 45 secs 216 KB
Xiao Ao Jiang Hu(instrumental orchestra)
-we're very sorry, but the file is temporarily unavailable-
An instrumental orchestra version of the serial themesong!! Sounds 5 times better from the original one =P This is the theme used when LHC finally won the last battle! Very classic! And, Yanie personally captured this sound clip herself in WAV format.
1 min 5 secs 1.38 MB(but, definitely worth it!!^^)

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