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We have converted the wallpapers(BMP) to posters(JPG), to save up more space in our server....we're very sorry if this bother you^^;
You're free to download and use it for your desktop ^_^ You can click on any posters you want and save it to your harddisk. These posters are in JPG format. To website owners, please do not use any of these posters for your own site. Thank you!! ^-^

Size: 135 KB
800x570 pixels

Linghu Chong
Size: 64 KB
576x432 pixels

Ren Ying-Ying
Size: 63 KB
504x378 pixels

Linghu Chong & Ren Ying-Ying
Size: 43 KB
576x432 pixels

Designed and created by Lingz13

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