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Ren Ying Ying


Background on XAJH 2001

The Holy Maiden (Shen gu) of Sun Moon Sect. 17-18 years old, daughter of ex-chief, Ren Woxing. Highly skilled, intelligent, possesses the qualities of a leader. An elegant yet vicious person. Maybe it's because of her status in the sect, she is very conscious of herself. She is also often caught in a dilemma between her father and lover who are not on friendly terms. This puts her in a difficult position.

In the sect, she is one important figure who commands respect. The Holy Maiden whom the members respect yet at the same time, are scared of. Outside (in front of LHC), she reveals the gentle side of her. Her deep, unconditional love for LHC, everything she does for him, even to the extent of disregarding her own safety. Yet at the same time, she dare not reveal her love for him openly at first, ordering her followers to kill him. But the main purpose is to keep him by her side. Quite a complicated yet interesting character.

She is one who does not get jealous. She is aware of the fact the Yue Lingshan has been in LHC's heart all along, but she is still willing to stay by his side, not expecting anything in return. When YLS died, she even helps to bury her. As can be seen, she is a magnanimous person. She is one who has great leadership qualities and this is one aspect which LHC definitely cannot hold a candle too. If not for her deep love for LHC, she could have stayed on to be the leader of Sun Moon Sect.

"Ren Yingying - an independent and capable woman whom deserves our respect"

Ren Ying-Ying appeared earlier in this adaptation. In episode 2. Understandable, since Xu Qing is a famous China actress and she is the leading female, so she suppose to have more air-time. But, of course fans of the book dislike this part.
However, we can say Xu Qing is perfect as RYY. It was described in the book that she is more beautiful than Yue Lingshan....and when she comb her hair, her beautiful long hair almost touch the ground. That is definitely how Xu Qing look like. RYY in the book, also have her childish side as so Xu Qing's Ren Yingying. We dont find anything wrong with her least, yet ^-^ Afterall, Jin Yong himself said this to Xu Qing when he was on the set, "You're the RYY I've always imagine her to be,". What more can we ask for?^_~

Actor's Profile

Name: Xu Qing
Date of Birth: January 1969
Status: Popsinger/Actress
Place of Birth: Beijing, China
Star Sign: Capricon
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 53 kg


Brief Biography:

  • In 1988, Xu Qing joined the Movie Academy of Bejing.

  • She made her debut in, 'bian zou bian chang', which is directed by Chen Kaige.

  • Began to attract viewers' attention with the show, 'kuang'.

  • Nonetheless, the serial which shot her to instant fame is 'Huang Cheng Gen Er'. In this hit serial, her innocent image made her the idol of many young people.

  • In 1992, she is specially selected to participate in a cultural exchange programme in Singapore. And the first show she filmed was "Jin Pai Shi Ye/Bai Ren Cheng Jin" (aka as The Witty Advisor), which also starred Chew Chor Meng and Chen Xiuhuan. In this drama, Xu Qing played the role of Princess Xiaodian, a spoilt and hot-tempered character. This serial received relatively good response when it was released in East Asia.

2000 - Xiao Ao Jiang Hu (State of Divinity)
1999 - Shuo Hao Bu Feng Shou
1999 - My 1919
1996 - The Emperor's Shadow
1994 - Lie Huo Qing Ren
1994 - Dong Bian Ri Chu Xi Bian Yu
1993 - Feng Die
1992 - Ripples Against Stagnant Water
1992 - Bai Ren Cheng Jin/Jin Pai Shi Ye (The Witty Advisor)
1992 - Huang Cheng Gen Er
1990 - Bian Zou Bian Chang

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