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I & II

Here are synopsis, screen captures, opinions and infos on the movies!!^^ Scroll down!

Swordsman I

Producer : Tsui Hark
Director : King Ho
Year : 1991

Linghu Chong : Sam Hui
Yue Ling Shan : Cecilia Yip
Ren Ying Ying : Sharla Cheung Man
Au Yeung Chi : Jacky Cheung

Kui Ha Bao Dian was stolen from the Imperial Library. The Security Troops from East got the task to investigate the case. Somehow, two Hua Shan disciples get into troubles with The Security Troops people, Linghu Chong and Yue Ling San. They became fugitive and suspected to be the ones who stole KHBD. LHC and YLS met dying Lin Zhen Nan on the way, and he told LHC his last message, that is to tell the secret to only his son, Lin Ping Zhi. At another place, they see an old man held a hand-washing ceremony. LHC and YLS peeking on the ceremony from a boat, where another person was also hiding there. Suddenly, Zuo Leng Chan came and order his men to look for the Sun Moon sect man on the boat. The retired old man prevent ZLC from doing that and said there are no Sun Moon sect people on his boat. Fights happened. Turns out, the retired old man is Liu Zheng Feng, and the guy hiding on the boat is Qu Yang. LZF and QY are bestfriends, together they created the song, "Xiao Ao Jiang Hu". After, they escaped, LZF and QY along with LHC and YLS sail and together they play & sing the song, "Xiao Ao Jiang Hu". As they finish the song, ZLC manage to after them and attack the boat. LHC and YLS escape, but LZF and QY do not want to be rescue, instead they stay on the boat and the boat burn by themselves. At one night, LHC meet a powerful old man who turns out to be Feng Qing Yang(the leader of the other part of Hua Shan). They talk a little while and FQY told LHC to be careful of his master(YBQ), coz a seems-to-be good man, is not always good inside.

Meanwhile, The Security Troops from East found Lin Ping Zhi's dead body. The leader of the troops instruct one of his trusted man, Au Yeung Chi to go to Hua Shan and disguised himself as LPZ. Later on, disguised-AYC saw some Hua Shan people, so he hurt himself a bit, and pretend to be an injured-man, and ask for help. Hua Shan disciples(also Yue Bu Qun was there) heard his voice and they saved AYC. When YBQ knows he is Lin Ping Zhi, he immediately act very kind in front of him, because he wanted the Lin's kungfu book.

In Sun Moon Sect, everyone are worried about the missing Qu Yang. The leader, Ren Ying Ying, order them to look for Qu Yang. On the other hand, she give Lan Feng Huang, one of her trusted friend, a special task.

LHC and YLS is back at Hua Shan and they meet again with Yue Bu Qun. Knowing the guy named LPZ is there, without a doubt, LHC told the disguised-AYC about the secret of the Lin family.
At dinner, YBQ told AYC(LPZ) that he wanted to betroth his daughter, Yue Ling Shan, to marry him. Hearing this, YLS is very mad and told his father, she don't want to marry LPZ.

Lan Feng Huang sneak in to LHC's room, and she hide. LHC find out, but he's not angry, he even accepted the wine she offered. Suddenly, YLS knocked the door, LHC told LFH to go out hurry. He open the door. YLS tell him that she doesn't want to marry LPZ, she said she better marry him(LHC).
Then, LHC told her, it would never happen, since he always consider her as a sister. YLS said, it doesn't matter whether he want to marry her or not, but she don't want to marry LPZ. She said she better runaway with LHC. Can't stand his little martial arts sister(xiao-xemei)'s spoiled acts, so he agreed and told her to wait in the woods.

On the way, LHC feels something wrong with his stomach, and he collapsed. While, Yue Ling San keep waiting for him.

Turns out, the Sun Moon Sect people bring the collapsed-LHC to their place. Ren Ying Ying instruct Lan Feng Huang to give him voodoo, so he will tell where QY is. First, LFH reject her instruction, coz voodoos can kill LHC. RYY get upset, so LFH didn't dare to say anything anymore. RYY told her, he's going to die later anyway, after he told everything.
So, Lan Feng Huang do what RYY told her to do, she put some kind of a little snake to LHC's mouth. A few minutes later, the voodoo work. Ren Ying Ying is sitting beside LHC and telepathically, she can see what happened to Qu Yang from LHC's mind. While LHC is suffered because of the effects of the voodoo, blood coming out from his mouth. When she knows, that LHC is a friend of Qu Yang, she order LFH to stop the voodoo. But, LFH said it can't be pulled back, if she do that, LHC will die. Then, Ren Ying Ying try to heal LHC in her own way(by pressing her lip against his...not sure what she's doing >_< But, maybe sucking the poison or something).
Ren Ying Ying keep trying to heal Linghu Chong for days(by giving him her inner power through his chest) and he's still unconcious. In those days, Ren Ying Ying grow feelings for LHC. One day, Zuo Leng Chan found their place and attack. Still with hands on LHC's chest trying to heal him, RYY have to fight with ZLC. too. In a very dangered moment, LHC healed and concious, and he replace RYY defeating ZLC.

Yue Bu Qun insist LPZ(AYC) to take him to his uncle to discussed about the marriage. So, AYC take YBQ, YLS and few Hua Shan disciples to The Security Troops place. The chief disguised to be his uncle, and the other men disguised as servants. Suddenly, Linghu Chong appeared too in that place. YLS is mad at him, because he stood her up in the woods.
One thing lent to another, everyone find out about their disguises. Even YBQ's cunning plan was revealed. So, the fights happened in three directions : The East Security Troops Leader vs Yue Bu Qun vs Hua Shan disciples.
When Yue Ling San's life is threatened, Ren Ying Ying and Lan Feng Huang come to the rescue. The Security Troops from East defeated and the leader was killed.

But, Yue Bu Qun who collapsed a moment ago, woke up and attack Linghu Chong. After few seconds fighting, LHC manage to crush YBQ's muscles, and when he's about to kill his master, Yue Ling San prevent him from killing her father, and she said it was enough.
So, LHC ride the horse and bring YLS along. After they separated with RYY and LFH, they continue their journey.

I watched this movie like ages ago. Can't really recall much of it except the beautiful heroic themesong, Cang Hai Yi Sheng Xiao. Also, the scene where Liu Zhengfeng and Qu Yang sang the song and the boat on fire. Quite a good movie, in my eyes. Sam Hui was okay as LHC and as for Cecilia Yip, she had a very cute baby face at that time. And Cheung Man, too. Thought she looked very beautiful and yet devishly-evil.
Not to forget Jacky Cheung. I guess this movie was filmed before he became famous. He was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor at the 10th HK film awards for his performance in this movie. Hmmm, quite interesting, if were to watch it now. Coz it's real rare to the see the God of Songs (Sam Hui and Jacky Cheung) of 2 different generations in the same movie.
Anyway the sucess of this movie spawned a sequel to it in the following year....

At the 10th HK film awards : 6 nominations in total
Won: (1) Best Action Design
        (2) Best Song (Cang Hai Yi Sheng Xiao - composed by James Wong Jim)








Swordsman II

Producer : Tsui Hark
Director : Cheng Siu Tung
Year : 1992

Linghu Chong : Jet Li
Yue Ling Shan : Michelle Reis
Ren Ying Ying : Rosamund Kwan
Dung Fang Bu Bai : Bridgette Lin

Dung Fang Bu Bai is a well-known man among Sun Moon Sect people. With Japan's people help, he managed to take over the Sun Moon Sect. While, Ren Ying Ying, Lan Feng Huang, and Sun Moon people that are still loyal to Ren Wo Xing(RYY's father) move underground and still in search for RWX.

On their way, Linghu Chong and Yue Ling San met the other Hua Shan disciples. So, they gather again and stay at an empty place. One day, LHC found RYY's whip and feels that she's in trouble. So, alone, he left the place with a horse. YLS and the other Hua Shan brothers after him immediately.
On the way, LHC meet DFBB and thought he's a woman and call him, Miss. DFBB startled but decided to say nothing(coz he still have a man's voice). So, he answer all LHC's question by his head moves.
LHC joined back with YLS and his brothers, and they finally meet Ren Ying Ying and her friends. LHC and RYY really missed each other, and YLS know that from their eyes when they meet for the first time after a year. To prevent anything intimate happen between them, YLS came forward and hug RYY and said how much she missed her, blocking LHC's way *LOL* ^_~

Ren Ying Ying then told LHC and the others about their plans. One time, LHC got caught and prisoned. He found out that Ren Wo Xing is in the cell across. LHC attempt to save him and suceed. RYY met his father again after a long time.
The next day.....excuse my stupidity, but I forgot what happened, all I remember is...RYY forced to say that she's not in love with LHC in front of his father. Hearing this, LHC is very upset. So, he looked for the woman he met days ago, which is actually DFBB.
After he found DFBB, they talk for a little while. DFBB already turned to a woman, his voice changed too. But then DFBB replace himself with another woman, and he himself leave for another business. Since, it's dark, LHC didn't know that the girl beside him is a different girl(a real girl ^_~). They slept together.

Few days later, LHC, RWX, Xiang Wen Tian, RYY, and YLS, together attack Dung Fang Bu Bai. LHC is pretty shocked knowing the woman he know all this time is Dung Fang Bu Bai. XWT died. DFBB throw RYY and YLS from the cliff to see which girl will LHC saved. But, LHC managed to save both of them. So, DFBB throw himself from the cliff, seeing this LHC let go RYY and YLS (they were already get a hold on the rocks) and catch DFBB. LHC keep asking DFBB whether it's him or not who slept with him the other night. DFBB don't want to answer that as he want LHC to always remember him. He push LHC away and he falls down.

Ren Wo Xing is executing people on the list(forgotten what list is that, sorry >_<). LHC included on the list. So, with RYY's help, LHC and YLS runaway to Japan. LHC insist RYY to come along, but she said she have to take care of her father. Then, LHC and YLS sail off with RYY gazing at them from afar.

This movie ranked in an impressive box office of HK$ 34.6 million that year! I remembered that year I was so engrossed in this movie. I have watched it numerous times since the local TV station love repeat telecasts so much.

What really fantasized me was Lin Ching Hsia's portrayal of Dongfang Bubai(Asia the Invincible). She was so awesome looking and yet extremely elegant at the same time. This supposedly male character transmorigfies into a feminine one after mastering Kuihua Baodian. At that time, I felt it was so unbelievable!! Personally I admire Jet Li quite a lot too, but I feel in this movie, he has failed to maintain his stand as the leading actor and I could see no developement in his character. Lin Ching Hsia has completely overshadowed him. In fact, this movie brought her career to greater heights and she was even nominated for the Best Actress Category for her portrayal of this character.

The scriptwriter also arranged for a love relationship between LHC and DFBB(not in the novel at all). At that time, I thought its pretty cool. But now come to think of it, it seems a bit weird and even...disgusting. But I think I shall forgive them for this.....

The atmosphere created in this movie, the snakes, the sorcery and so on.... attracted me. Also memorable is the intricate choreography and extragavant effects. At that time, I was very young and still did not know the true story of Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, thus I was quite indifferent to the enormous changes(I didn't even know!) they made to the plot. Due to the influence from this movie, I even thought Dongfang Bubai was an important character and admired him/her(because of Lin Ching Hsia). It was only a few years later I have known the story, then I realized that they have made such drastic changes.

Thus, I would say it's a horrible adaption but a great movie. Anyway, the producers can't squeeze everything into a 2-hours show, rite? Therefore, I would prefer not to judge it as an adaption but a story on it's own. My opinions? Well, the story goes at a fast pace just as in most movies, no dragging. The themesong is also my fave XAJH tune. Even the Taiwanese version used this themesong! It has become a classic, I think. Not to forget, a star-studded cast. Jet Li, Lin Ching Hsia, Rosamund Kwan, Michelle Reis...all top notch actors and actresses!

So what is my conclusion? Pretty obvious, rite? Honestly speaking, I don't really sort of welcome major changes in Jin Yong adaptions. Because I feel it is basic respect of the producers for the writer, to maintain the gist. But I would have to admit that I do enjoy watching this movie. In fact, Swordsman 2 is one of the swordfighting movies, besides Fong Sai Yuk and Once Upon A Time In China, to leave a deep impression on me. Although this movie is not true to the novel, it is an indubitable fact, that this movie has become a classic. It is because of the popularity of this movie, that has influenced TV producers to 'promote' this supposedly minor character in the novel, Dongfang Bubai.

This movie, Swordsman 2, I would say, is a terrible adaption but it is certainly one of the best fight cum sorcery flicks in HK movie history.

The huge success of this movie once again spawned another sequel to it, that is "The East Is Red (aka Dongfang Bubai Zhi Feng Yun Zai Qi) starring Lin Ching Hsia and Joey Wong. This time round, it has absolutely nothing to do with the novel at all. A not too bad movie, though, it pales in comparison with the prequels. The box office takings for "The East Is Red" was HK$ 11 million.

At the 12th HK film awards : 7 nominations in total
Won: Best Costume Design





synopsis and screen captures by Yanie, opinions and infos by Lingz13

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