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The Mischievous Wanderer
The Holy Maiden

Once upon a time in China, a fun-loving, mischievous wanderer has sustained severe inner injuries. He was almost on the brink of death, but luckily, he met a lady who rescued him. But this mysterious lady never showed her face. She had a servant who was 50 years old. Upon seeing this old servant address her as 'gu-gu'(aunt), the mischevious wanderer assumed, "Since this old man calls her 'gu-gu', then she must be an extremely old lady." Thus, he addressed her as 'po-po'(Granny).

Day after day, the wanderer went to the bamboo hut where 'po-po' was staying to recuperate. For listening to the beautiful tunes played by 'po-po' helped to sooth his channels and brought peace. He soon grew to respect her very much, even revealing to her his inner secrets. However one day, it was time for the wanderer to go to another place to settle some matters. 'Po-po' was sad and they bidded farewell reluctantly.


But soon after, their paths crossed again. It was Heaven's will. They were so happy and set off together. 'Po-po' was still wearing a veil over her face and the wanderer was curious. All was well until one day, due to some unseen circumstances, the TRUTH was....REVEALED.

To his shock, he saw that the 'po-po' was actually a beautiful, mesmerising young lady. In fact, she was The Holy Maiden of The Evil Sect. The wanderer was very upset as well as furious as he felt cheated.

He left, but his injuries occured again. The Holy Maiden saved him again. She was terribly upset that the wanderer was angry with him. She has already fallen deeply in love with him. In order to make him stand by his side forever, she purposely passed a message to her followers that was, "Whoevers sees him is to kill him at once." The wanderer, who still feels that The Holy Maiden deliberately made fun of him, wanted to leave. At this moment, The Holy Maiden could not conceal her feelings anymore and went to hug him. The wanderer was so touched by her words and deep love. They were finally together.

But the love road was not that smooth for this star-crossed lovers as they were on opposite sides. But because of their deep affection and never-ending love for each other, they still managed to overcome all obstacles that come in their way.

In the end, after battling the evil force together, The Mischevious Wanderer and The Holy Maiden chose to isolate themselves from the outside world. They settled at a faraway place, with music accompanying them.

They lived happily ever after......

Chow Yun Fat and Rebecca Chan - SOD TVB 1984                    Sam Hui and Sharla Cheung - Swordsman I 1991                    Jacky Lui and Fiona Leung - SOD TVB 1996

Among all the couples in Jin Yong novels, actually I feel the most for Qiao Feng and Ah Zhu, Duan Yu and Mu Wanqing in Demi Gods and Semi Devils as well as Chen Jialuo and Huo Qingtong in Book and Sword. Maybe it's because these couples all do not have a happy ending together and I feel it's a pity.
As for Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying, I was quite neutral towards them. Even after watching the TVB 84, TCS 2000 and TAIWAN 2000, I still don't have much impression of them. But this CCTV version is different!! After watching it, I was so drawn to the relationship between LHC and RYY. I was quite surprised that this couple has such a great impact on me. Li Yapeng and Xu Qing have displayed excellent emotions in every scene they appeared together. So sweet!!! Their gestures, eye contact, flawless coordination make me fall in love with this couple instantly.
I can say frankly now, it is because of their great performance on-screen that now Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying have made it to my list of favourite Jin Yong couples. Also, Li Yapeng and Xu Qing become one of my fave on-screen partners, though my forever No. 1 choice duo (since young) is still Andy Lau and Rosamund Kwan. And yes, to me, another equally incredible and unforgettable couple is Gilbert Lam and Annie Man in the ATV serial [Heroine of the Yangs].
All in all, kudos to Li Yapeng and Xu Qing!!! I think no one can suit the roles better than them. Their portrayals of LHC and RYY shall remain rooted in my mind always. Forever...
Hope to see them cooperate on the screen again. Wouldn't it be great?


My first impression on Linghu Chong and Ren Ying Ying is...nothing. Coz, the first LHC and RYY I see are Chow Yun Fat and Rebecca Chen, actors that I'm not really fond of, and they don't have that strong on-screen chemistry, either. So, I feel nothing for this couple.
But, Li Yapeng and Xu Qing really did impressed me with their individually acting skills in portraying Linghu Chong and Ren Ying Ying. And most of all because of their great, superb and strong on-screen chemistry!! Because of their excellent performance, I realized and admire LHC and RYY's love feelings towards each other. Linghu Chong's love for Ren Ying-Ying is not love at first sight, he was still in love with his 'xiao shi mei' by the time he knew who Po-Po really is. Linghu Chong's love for her grew slowly as time pass by, without even he himself realize about his own feelings. Perhaps, because he feels there's a wall between them as he always believe what YBQ told him that the members of the "good and evil" sects should never intermingle. On the other side, Ren Ying-Ying's love for Linghu Chong is an unconditional and sincere love. She knew he still love Yue Lingshan, but she just stick by his side without expecting anything in return. Unbelivable! Perhaps not the most romantic couple in whole JY cannon, but indeed one of the most touching and greatest couple!!^_^
Anyway, back to Li Yapeng and Xu Qing, as soon as I watched the first romantic scene/conversation between them (for me, that is...ep. 28), I immediately feel their great chemistry already and come to like this couple very much. Coz, after that conversation, I love how the director gave them some time to gaze at each other for a long time, 'till Ren Ying Ying feels ashamed, but smiling and look down, coz Linghu Chong still gazing at her. Love the way they express their feelings towards each other through those faces ^_^

Just for your information, there are pretty much similar scenes for LHC and RYY. Expressing feelings and expressing care without saying any words at all, only through face expressions. Perhaps, this what made their on-screen chemistry even stronger, coz sometimes expressions are better than words ^_~
Li Yapeng and Xu Qing, in my opinion, I find as the best on-screen couple next to Miu Kiu Wai and Barbara Yung Mei Ling. Even Tony/Kitty are below them in my favorite on-screen couple list =P

Ma Jing Tao and Fann Wong - Swordsman TCS 2000                    Jet Li and Rosamund Kwan - Swordsman II 1992                    Richie Ren and Anita Yuen - SOD Taiwan 2000

Now, we present to you The Best Jin Yong On-screen Couple in our eyes!

This section's main contents is actually every romantic/sweet/funny/precious moments of Linghu Chong & Ren Ying Ying per episode. So, we'll put their pictures and the dialogues, too...if it's a short conversation. If it's long, then we'll just summarize the scene ^_^ Now, you may look around!

Part 1 : The Beginning

Part 2 : Twists and Turns

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