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Mainland XAJH 2001 may have casted unfamiliar actors and actresses for Asia. But, we have to say, they are the most superb actors & actresses!! And, most of them got the perfect appearance for each of their roles!! Not to mention their acting abilities are also magnificent! Below, you can click on the picture of the character you'd like to know more about the actor portray him/her as well as the character itself.

        Linghu Chong                Ren Ying Ying                  Yue Ling Shan                 Lin Ping Zhi


                        Yi Lin                    Yue Bu Qun              Zuo Leng Chan            Mrs. Yue


 Tian Bo Guang      Xiang Wen Tian           Monk Bujie               Tao Gu 6 Xian               Yang Lian Ting


                     Lan Feng Huang          Ding Yi            Dung Fang Bu Bai      Ren Wo Xing


                     Feng Qing Yang              Qu Yang         Liu Zheng Feng        Yu Cang Hai

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